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The shovel was a groundbreaking tool.


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  • Hey @alejafernandez, I'm sorry to hear you are having problems making a purchase for one of our products. However, if you are trying to make a payment via paypal and you receive that error, it might be an issue between your bank/card issuer and paypal You should consider contacting your bank/card issuer to make sure that…
  • Hi @TerryGerritsen We have a very comprehensive step-by-step guide on how to install Bitdefender VPN on MAC devices, which covers 3 main installation scenarios: Please make sure you follow either of those scenarios closely and you should encounter no issues.…
    in VPN Kommentar von Andy_BD 15. Oktober
  • Sorry to hear you say that @leet123 It's something that we clearly need to work on. However, did you know that if you go into the VPN settings, there's a tab called Notifications where you have the option to turn them off?
  • Hello everyone, I've taken your feedback from this thread and what we've gathered from other channels as well and had a talk with the devs about it. I've listed below quite a few of the notifications which can be disabled from the product. The following notifications can be turned off: FOR WINDOWS: Update USB Immunizer…
  • I'll move this to the Free zone because it's not really related to cyber sec stuff. From personal experience I can say that my G:/ partition appeared after a Google Drive software update that they pushed earlier this month. If you have Google Drive and use it on your PC it might be the case for that. Hope this helps :wink:
  • Hi @danikissac If you're looking to protect your small business we have a solution which is very close to our consumer solution: Small Office Security Get complete protection for your small business to prevent data breaches and secure your clients` personal and financial data. Have a look on our presentation page and see…
  • Hi @FlyBot791! We're currently pre-moderating all content on the forum following a spam attack we've suffered in previous weeks. These can seem like very restrictive measures, we know because we're not happy with them either, but for the time being we're holding them as they are to ensure that no further spam attacks…
  • Please read the When? paragraph on this post for more details on why it's coming in Q1 2021.
  • Hi @Flexx That's a very long and very comprehensive list of things you've presented and I'd like to thank you for it. It's giving us a very clear and broad image on how some of our users see things. It helps us get our ears to the ground closer and understand how things are being perceived. Same goes with the widget, for…