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  • Surely, we have team meeting un Thursday , so we shall practice. :)
    in Music Thread Kommentar von Mike_BD 24. Mai
  • Wonderful idea @Scott ! Here's something from the Romanian edition of "THE VOICE" - which kinda ended the internet :)
    in Music Thread Kommentar von Mike_BD 19. Mai
  • @Scott I promised to make a quick photo, excuse the quality :)
  • I know, but I wanted a different story: a silent PC, powerful and upgrade-able, and also completely hidden in plain sight (that's where the Antec Fusion came in place). I've completely disabled all coolers, even from the CPU, which has on its head a Scythe Ninja 2 (only the heatsink) , from all video cards I've replaced…
  • Hi, @Scott , You have a more powerful CPU 😉, mine is just 6600. But in any case, I still remember, 10+ years ago, arguing with the lady "aargh, you'll want an upgrade again next year, you'll get bored with the case etc" . The upgrades were progressively done on video card (naturally), RAM and ofc , SSD. But other than…
  • Hi Nunzio - thanks for sharing this link, wasn't aware of this test. As always, our position as Admins (meaning Alexandru and myself) is to avoid any bad commenting on competition; we leave that to independent testing (mind you - from well recognized organizations, which conduct exhaustive tests). In this case, I would…
  • Hello @Chris_Munday and welcome to our Community! This feature has evolved in time and we had some glitches with it recently. But, as far as we know, latest releases have fixed it. More on this topic here: https://community.bitdefender.com/en/discussion/89671/alert-mode-is-broken IF you're up-to-date with your machine's OS…
  • Hello @fogscanner , @Jamreg and @josh_duck and welcome to our Community! Noted your feedback, already passed on to the dev team. Kindly asking to also contact our engineering team via Support page, right here: https://www.bitdefender.com/consumer/support/ Afaik, latest update on Bitdefender Total Security fixed this, but…
  • Hello @Tonino51 and welcome to our Community! We are glad you have joined us and hope you will find it a nice place for your interests. I encourage you to make a short presentation and meet other community members on the dedicated thread in english, here:…
    in Mi presento Kommentar von Mike_BD 29. April
  • Update: this was a false detection that has now been removed. The notification should no longer be displayed. Stay safe, Mike
  • Hello @Kev7274 , I tried to access it and from Chrome, seems there's a problem with the page, not with Bitdefender. Mike
  • Interesting suggestion @JohnBoland , thanks for sharing this in our Community! Mike
  • Hello @GaryCorby , @MatKolo and @Azelio and welcome to our Community! @GaryCorby you don't have malware on your system, it is something we are aware of and engineering team is working around the clock for a fix. If you wish, you can open an inquiry with our Support colleagues here:…
  • Hello @SarkarK and welcome to our Community! Thanks for sharing this with us. After checking with antimalware team, seems the website is ok, therefore whitelisted. Stay safe, Mike
  • @Math_Matei toate gandurile bune si spor sa fie!
  • Hello @evanyrouse , we'll check with malware team asap. LE - unblocked. Thanks for sharing this in our Community. Mike
  • Hello @Stu. In addition to what Alexandru said, your feedback and honest opinions are most valuable. It is our duty to always fight for these to be heard within our company and we are constantly striving to improve our products to better fit your needs. Specifically on Password Manager, good things are on the horizon -…
  • Hello @Dufad , we have an ENTERPRISE section, but on the English localization of our Community. Kindly ask to post there, if you wish to discuss with other community members about your future investment in a business cybersecurity solution. cheers, Mike
    in Conseil Kommentar von Mike_BD 18. April
  • Hello @merrianderson and welcome to our Community! What Bitdefender products are you using? cheers, MIke
    in Hello Kommentar von Mike_BD 18. April
  • Hello @BOTR1982 and welcome to our Community! If you are using an Enterprise product, then please follow @mrmirakhur 's suggestion ; if not , then kindly asking to contact the Consumer support page, here: https://www.bitdefender.com/consumer/support/ cheers, Mike
  • Hi @Mamao , dev teams are working hard on it. cheers, Mike
  • Hello @cwe and welcome to the Community! That's an interesting point. Let us look upon it and see what can be the outcomes. Can you specify where is your VPN connecting? Mike
  • Hello @Alex_SMA and welcome to the Community! That is an observation to take into account, indeed. I'll discuss it with the Product team. However, assuming you're using Total Security (a Consumer solution, so not an Enterprise one), the owner of the account should indeed be notified of what is happening on all the machines…
  • Hello @sussaw and welcome to Bitdefender and the Community! We are gathering feedback and, as @Alexandru_BD said, we're hard pushing dev teams to have the log-in feedback addressed on our next release. cheers, Mike
  • Hello @3ft and welcome to our Community! It's not a virus, but it contains adware and it may cause vulnerabilities, or even loss of data, as it attaches itself to some processes. We won't whitelist it. If you really want to install, my advice is to sandbox it. cheers, Mike
  • Hello @BernieK and welcome to our Community! We consider Password Manager an important upgrade to our solutions, therefore, we've dedicated it a specific category within the community, here: https://community.bitdefender.com/en/categories/password-manager Moreover, we have a comprehensive FAQ on the official Support page,…
  • Hello @BDAlexS , @dvsdoug and @coffeesnob and welcome to our Community! Your observations are legit and I will discuss with dev teams and make sure to follow up with you here once I get a clear picture. cheers, Mike