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  • Dude, read the entire thread. I've given BD 10 years...I think that's fair... Dude.
  • At this time, I'm trying a competitors software.
  • Update...since there was no response to my issue, I completely uninstalled BD, and using only the build-in protection, no crashing of other services. I then installed a competitor's problems. Even the built-in protection analyzed connected software and provided me options for allowing/disallowing the…
  • With the new 2018 version, there is no longer a 'Trusted' option. Should VPN connections be Home/Office or Public? Also, what should the Stealth option be set to, yes or No?
  • 6 hours ago, Firdovsi said: Hi, Can you provide screen shots to better assist you on your concern? Please provide also the specific product you are using. Cheers! My wifi Extender: TP-Link AC1750 'Ethernet' adapter in the screenshot below, I'm assuming is my wifi extender connection. I do not have any other ethernet…
  • As I don't think it does not presently exist, will BD offer a firmware service, whereby we simply flash an app to a compatible router? On 6/28/2017 at 3:34 AM, Michael Bitdefender BOX said: By the end of the year we will be releasing a new version of BOX that will be capable of 1 Gbps and will also be able to broadcast a 5…
  • 35 minutes ago, Firdovsi said: Please check the comparison between the two. at Thanks for the product comparison. What about the weak Box specs? Many of my devices have been well beyond 100Mbps for several years. Not to mention, using 5GHz frequency.
  • I seem to be having a similar problem...can't print without BD firewall off, and I have no adapters listed in the Firewall Adapters section. I do NOT have an installed NIC. I am connected to my network via USB-based WIFI adapter. I have added my printer IP to 'Network Exclusions', as 'Trusted/Allowed' and as…
  • Pardon, though it doesn't make sense to change a VPN network type to Trusted. The VPN is still Internet-connected to public web sites, etc. Please explain.
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