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  • Go to your order detail page after log in to digital river . You should get cancel auto renewal button. There is no cancel auto renewal button. I have sent a complaint to both digital river and bitdefender asking them for some response on how to cancel the auto renewal and they have not responded. They are truly digital…
  • Hello, This is from Digital River Customer Care page: ""How do I cancel the Auto-Renewal Service? In most cases, you can cancel the Auto-Renew Service by first locating your most recent order and clicking the "Cancel" button on the order details page. If you are having difficulty with this process, you can also contact…
  • I received an email from digitalriver mentioning autorenewal. It says if you wish to cancel the subscription then go to the link provided and enter the supplied order number. I did that and the order number cannot be found. How do I stop my subscription please? Thanks David I finally got emailed a password which is…
  • Hi - I cannot PM you the file as its over 6mb. So how can i get the file to you?
  • Hi David Welcome back. Please follow the steps explained in the article below and send me via PM the generated log file: http://forum.bitdefender.com/index.php?showtopic=29927 If you were already asked to generate the log file, disregard the message above and just post the ticket ID. Thank you. Hi - I cannot PM you the…
  • Hi David Welcome back. In your case, you don't need to install the product. Basically what you need to do is to enter the new license key in the product. Don't worry, you won't loose the days from the old license key. To register Bitdefender, follow these steps: Open the Bitdefender window. Click the License Info link at…
  • Which firewall are you refering to that you are turning off? Windows or BitDefender? I am well aware that one should never run multiple security products so prior to installing bitdefender I made sure my windows firewall and windows defender and anything else was completely disabled. The only firewall running was…
  • Hello David, The website is not lying. If you used the uninstall tool to remove BitDefender then the registration details will also be removed. If you install 2012 over the old version then the registration details will be listed. Allow me to quote: The KB article can be read below:…
  • I have 3 computers running BD Antivirus 2012. All 3 were upgraded from 2011. I did not use network with the 2011 product. Computer 1 - Server- Windows 7 Computer 2 - Regular - Windows XP Computer 3 - Regular - Windows Vista All have automatic Windows Update on and should be at the latest level. I try to add Computer 2 from…
  • Hi Emile, I've created a ticket on your behalf with ID: 201108061003779. Please check your email associated with your forum account, follow the steps and let me know if the issue is now resolved. Kind regards, Should I create a ticket? I have what is a product containing a firewall that never works until its manually…
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