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  • First of all do you tried this specific method to exclude a specific folder, are you running a trainer.exe file? will be that okay if you can provide us the name of the file itself? Please refer first on this…
  • Thanks for your information it is really helpful, But I hope in the future that Bitdefender has an automatic way to remember the devices that has been inserted to your computer because the problem is how if someone has got the same issue as yours and the thing is that they forgot to enable that specific feature. 
  • Alright please try this workaround and check the following settings if they are all properly configured. This error shows up when your system is starting up and if there is some missing some critical files on the…
    in Error Code 3 Kommentar von morrigan25 Juli 2017
  • Hi, Have you done these steps to exclude that .exe file? To prevent it from blocking certain applications, you need two process exclusions for those applications, one for the On-access module and one for the AVC/IDS module. To enable process exclusions in Bitdefender Control Center, follow the steps below: * Log in to…
  • Hi, Bitdefender wallet is safe and secure. This tool secures people’s identity, money and other personal items they keep in the on-line setting by offering a secure encrypted environment for users to gather and store all their sensitive data in handy place. This is also very convenient, instead of numerous passwords and…
    in Wallet? Kommentar von morrigan25 Juli 2017
  • Hi, Did you completely disabled the Safepay feature? How did you deactivated the safepay as you mentioned in your post? Please provide us further details to better understand your concern. Cheers! 
  • Hi, May I verify which version are you using in the machine? You can ad exclusions on the firewall settings. Please refer to this link: And also please remove any installed AV on your machine which may…
  • Hi, May I verify, is there any other AV installed on that machine? It might cause a conflict which may slows down your machine. And also please make sure that there are any left overs on the machine before installing the product. Furthermore, you can add exclusions & modify settings under BD that suit your…
  • Hi, Did you performed a clean installation of the product? Is there any AV installed on you machine? Please make sure that there are any left overs left on the machine before installing the product. If problem persists, please contact support. Cheers! 
  • Hi geordie, May I verify, when did this issue started? Have you modified any settings prior to this issue? Please provide us more details to better understand the issue. Cheers! 
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