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  • During the last three years, the developers did not offer us any new technology, in terms of the protection functions, we see only minor changes to the interface, or adding minor modules. Virmeykery are always a step ahead in technology writing viruses, and end users are affected. Exactly, i totally agree on that part. Any…
  • Yesterday sent to the laboratory bitdefender, a sample of the new virus (Trojan.Encoder), here's the result. https://www.virustotal.com/ru/file/21dacd08...sis/1403940894/ Reacts very slowly laboratory to new threats. yes that is the ranswomware i am talking about thanks for posting additional details
  • It has been asked and answered before by Georgia in this thread oh thanks alot mate
  • Most likely consolidating signatures into class groups. In other words, one signature may detect 100+ variants of one type of virus, so all variants get consolidated in to one signature. hmmm. yea that does sounds logical. thanks for the reply but will also want to hear it from the bitdefender team as well
  • I have Bitdefender internet security 2013. On my computer was executed exe file. When i scanned with bitdefender, it didnt find anything. I went to virustotal and submited exe file. Report is here : https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/9ab95ec7...sis/1400554757/ What should i do now? Thank you for your time and help. submit…
  • emsisoft anti malware detected nothing, Malwarebytes anti malware detected nothing, ESET online scanner detected nothing :| Now sending mail to support :/ finally formatted the pc and solved the issue :/
  • anyone who can help, i am still having this issue. i again performed a repair but still events viewer isnt logging any events at all
  • I didn't realize that a promotional key could be for 253(+) days, have you ever seen that before (not for resale), Rohugh?, I haven't, maybe because I've never seen a screen shot of it before Are you using a Promotional version, wajihero? yea it was a promotional key got it from a promo bitdefender launched few months back…
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  • Hi I can not I upload a malicious file over 10MB to Support Bitdefender.!!! Because it did not load and gives error!! The changing face of compressing software, but I still did not matter! Please, please help. Thanks upload it to any mego.co.nz or any host and give it to me and ill upload
  • Hiya, First thing to try is to run a repair which often solves problems. Control Panel>Programs and Features>Bitdefender Click Uninstall and choose Repair. Let it complete and then reboot. i uninstalled and re-installed it again and still am facing this issue
  • It's not quite a rootkit is a multi network worm that uses rootkit techniques to conceal its in the system. The worm blocks the ability to run some antivirus software, Firewall and monitoring programs for this he makes changes to the registry Windows. In the registry branch - [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \…
  • I do not know why the developers ignore my theme, I immediately sent the necessary samples, but the main problem is that bitdefender does not delete the infected registry keys. Look at the other threads by me in this forum section. that is exactly what i am saying, they are not doing anything to disinfect the registry.…
  • Note the date of the creation of this topic. Do not you think that the infection is very similar. http://forum.bitdefender.com/index.php?showtopic=49797 hmmm, interesting its the same thing then why didnt the bitdefender catch this virus??? by now the database would have the signatures apart from that, the one i am having…
  • Malware evolves all the time, there are new threats created every day , maybe this is something not seen before. Malwarebytes didn't recognise or stop this either. 1) What OS do you have. 2) Which Bitdefender product are you running. 3) What settings do you have for Bitdefender antivirus conrtol? 4) Where did you encounter…
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