Re: Icon In Lower System Tray

Sorry to bother you, but I need some advice/info regarding the little icon in the right-hand tray at the bottom of my screen. As you may be aware, I’m now running BD Internet Security, and I can’t complain about the system – had to get used to it at first, but generally speaking it’s excellent.

However, lately I’ve noticed that when I boot up, the little icon comes up red, but after a while it turns black, or it will come up black on reboot, and this worries me, as half the time I don’t know whether there’s something not working in the system, so when I touch it with my cursor, it does read: “No issue affects your computer.” But I have to check every time to make sure that “no issue IS affecting my computer…” I sometimes have to reboot a few times before it comes up red and stays that way.

Any ideas/suggestions from your side? Will appreciate some feedback from you on this issue.

Thanks in anticipation,