[escalated] Bitdef Messes Up Web Sites In Opera 11.51



  • Hi :)

    Welcome back.

    Thank you for the information. We will test to reproduce the issue and we will see how our product works with this Alpha version.

    Have a great weekend!

  • I get this error sometimes when I open a session previously saved, with lot of tabs. Then, Opera opens only the pages in the first tabs (but also incomplete). The rest of tabs remain blank indefinitely, even it shows some kb/sec in status bar. After that (when I see that I can't get all tabs opened), I press Tools -> Delete private data (as I do every time when I close Opera), and I try to close Opera. Now, I get the error mentioned above.

    After few retries, (Open -> error -> Close), I can open all tabs successfully.

    With few tabs opened (or single one), I don't get this error, and no freezes at all, until now.

  • Hello Alex :)

    I will create a ticket in the system and provide you a workaround that was suggested by our developers.

    Please reply via email and tell me if everything is OK.

    If this solves the issue, I will post the solution here.

    Ticket: 201204221003523

    Have a great weekend!

  • With reference to the topic, I am still facing the issue.

  • Hello :)

    I am waiting for Alex's feedback and I will post here the possible solution.

    Take care.

  • Please stop!

    No need to work on this anymore!

    Opera Presto was discontinued and switched to Opera Chromium/Blink (other rendering engine), which is compatible with BitDefender.

  • Hi dorin.alex,

    You are replying to a 4-year old topic.

    Please upgrade for free to Bitdefender 2016 and should you encounter further issues with then new program open a new topic here:


    Thank you for your understanding. This topic will be closed.

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