[submitted to developers] Steam Client Triggers Game Profile



  • Thanks, for this post. I hope you are new game update for us.

    job preparation

  • I'm still on my trial period, evaluating if this software's a good investment.

    This little issue with Steam really bothers me, as I neither want to have my gaming nor security performance affected. I've noticed that BitDefender Total Security 2015 already has an way to add other games to the profile list, but it buggers me why it doesn't have an exclusion list. Perhaps the devs think they know better than us?

    So far, I'm enjoying this software, but I hope I don't find out any other amateur flaw :)

  • So, where do we stand on this, BD? This is a serious sticking point for me to renew. I have a sub to Norton and you, currently went back to Norton until the day comes that you finally get this straightened out.

    The game profile shouldn't activate unless you're actually playing a game.

    You said it was fixed. It's not. This has been going on since release of the 2015 product. The track record of you fixing issues leads me to believe that maybe this will be fixed in the 2016-7 versions and not before.

    I doubt I will be renewing my subscription with you.

  • Your support is really poor. You are really working on it since december 2014 .... 6 month !?!?!? Really ?! ... i'm not gonna renew this year. I'm sorry but the 2015 version is not as good as 2014 ...

  • The best way to program this would be to add a domain exclusion feature into BD for each of the profiles. This way the user could choose which webites to exclude from a specific profile. The problem with this is it becomes an all or nothing for a website. However, tyring to program exclusions for specfic features on a website is a progamming nightmare since website features are constantly being added, subtracted and changed. Trying to hard code this into BD would be a nightmare. Domans change a heck of less frequentely than features on a domain do. On top of that files within features can change messing everything up.

    I am not saying it can't be done by feature within a website. I am just saying it would be a nightmare for BD to maintain.

  • Hello all,

    We have identified the cause of the issue and is currently being worked on for a fix. I will add another post here as soon as I have news from our developers.

    This is still not fixed... This can't be that hard to fix (that it takes 8+ months...)

  • This is still not fixed... This can't be that hard to fix (that it takes 8+ months...)

    I believe it can be hard to fix. For one thing it would probably involve communicating with the programmer(s) of the websites in question if BD is going to try and separate out the features from the website. It would involve looking at the websites in question code or else relying on conversations with the websites in question programmer(s). The websites in question may not want to release the necessary code for BD to look at. BD may have initally tried to fix the problem by using some diagnostic tool but that approach failed. Diagnostic tools do not always provide the necessary and accurate information needed in a situation like this. If that was the situation here the websites in question may have refused to release their code to Bitdender. Who knows what lies in their code. Maybe some of it was stolen from another webiste. Just saying.

    I still think the best way to handle this is via a compromise by putting in an exclusion by website feature in BD. However that is probably not a change you will see in a released version of a BD product but rather as a new feature in a new BD product like BD 2016. Though one never knows for sure in advance of it happening.

  • For anyone following this thread this issue seems now to be fixed. I upgraded to Windows 10 and installed the new version 19 of Bitdefender. Bitdefender no longer goes into game mode when Steam, Origin or Uplay are runnnig.


  • Why won't BD add blacklist option for every profile... I have problems with Evernote triggering gaming mode. It's so annoying.

  • Why won't BD add blacklist option for every profile... I have problems with Evernote triggering gaming mode. It's so annoying.

    The problem is that they are using executables to trigger gaming/presentation mode rather than detecting full-screen usage on the primary monitor like every other product does properly. This amateurish development is why I've abandoned this product.

    I just forgot to unwatch this topic, heh.

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