Paranoid Broken in IS 2016

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Windows 7 Home SP1 x64 - BDIS 2016

As with with reports in the 2017 forum, I have found that Paranoid mode in IS 2016 is also broken.

In researching the optional .NET reliability update in Windows Updter, I ran the little known dotNETInspector by Firedancer Software for the first time in almost two years.  Long before I started using IS 2016 in December, 2015.

Upon opening dotnetinspector.exe it connects to hosting24 dot com to check for updates.  Knowing this I found it strange I had not been presented with an alert.

An allow rule had been built silently.

When first testing Paranoid mode I fully remember running the mostly unknown Off By One browser, ob1.exe, and acted upon the alert.

Today I deleted the rule for ob1.exe and it too was allowed and a rule built without an alert.

I also recall that until IS learned by rule most of my network programs (Internet and LAN) the alerts were diligent, which is what I wanted.

In looking through the rules I have noticed several other programs that have allow rules which were built silently, some of them I would have blocked.  Like a productupdater.exe for a recently installed program which otherwise has no need for the Internet.

Many other recent silent allows built for stuff in C:\windows.  Folders system32, servicing, syswow64 and so on. 

Early on I remember noticing that the alert was active for MS stuff, like mscorsvw.exe.

In that BD didn't deem it necessary to time stamp the rules I can't even speculate when Paranoid broke.

If I had to best guess, maybe with the update in May.  Which would be disturbing to say the least.




  • @ Sorin G.

    I messaged you with the Integrated Support ticket as did Petrovic in the 2017 forum on Sept 25.

    I believe the issue is with BD's firewall in that I reported the same behavior in both the 2016 and 2017 products.

    Note I failed to mention it occurs in both my 2016 installed Win7x64 Home systems.

    So, same issue, three systems, two products.

    Your attention will be be greatly appreciated.

  • Hello,


    I have forwarded the ticket to the proper department to be investigated.

  • On 10/13/2016 at 9:51 PM, Sorin G. said:



    I have forwarded the ticket to the proper department to be investigated.

    Hello there,

    Paranoid is also broken for me in bitdefender 2017... this is extremely annoying and far from the first time something wrong happens with paranoid mode in the last 3 years.

  • 7 hours ago, limpkin said:

    Paranoid is also broken for me in bitdefender 2017

    I'm keeping an eye on that thread in the 2017 forum.

    Because the support reply to my ticket made it clear that development is focused on 2017 which I interpret as 2016 won't be fixed.


  • I've upgraded both my Win7 systems to IS 2017.

    I replied to the ticket with a request to close it.

    Thank you.