Slowing down with the total safety of Bitdefender 2019!



  • I had to uninstall Bitdefender 2019 because I couldn't work at all.

    I am using Firefox but it is not opened when slowdown is in progress.

    Encrypted Web Scan was OFF.

    After PC restart I am not opening Firefox and again all was slow.

    Opened ticket couple of days ago with no answer yet.

  • Hi! I gave up! After a month of Kaspersky TS 2019 test that does not slow down my machine, but slows down Internet browsing, I test ESET SMART SECURITY PREMIUM, which to my great surprise is fast and does not take much time to update its antivirus databases!

    Finally this bad experience allows me to see that there is something better elsewhere than always the same ones that get heavier and are full of bugs! :)

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