[FAQ] Some helpful guidelines to get you started!

What is the Bitdefender Expert Community?

We’d like to think of it as a virtual place where people from all walks of life can meet and discuss ideas, exchange tips and share feedback about the Bitdefender consumer products.

Our main objective is to develop a meeting setting where people can collaborate and develop new bonds and know-how about technology and cybersecurity.

We are really excited to have you join us and hope that you’ll go through the rest of the materials in this section so you can get the best use out of this platform!


Community structure and your role:

Our community is composed of several sections, with each focusing on a specific topic:

·        Bitdefender Consumer Products – each product section will contain discussions pertaining to issues and topics around that certain product.

·        Cybercoffee with the Devs – a specially dedicated area where developers and people of Bitdefender will be present periodically and answer your questions in AMA style discussions.

·        General discussion – talk to your heart’s content about all things relating to cyber security, technology and anything else! Contests and special events will also be held here, so keep an eye out for what’s to come!

·        Bitdefender Legacy Consumer Products – Everything that relates to Bitdefender products which isn’t current generation. The place to go if you have questions about 2019 and earlier versions of our products.

You, the user, are an integral part of the Bitdefender Expert Community, as we offer all sorts of opportunities to interact with other users and us as well. There are many ways to engage with the community, such as: asking questions, sharing your views and answers, leaving comments or submitting ideas, reacting to other people’s posts and so on.

Should you discover the solution to what you were looking for on the community, make sure you let the other members know and let others know of your own advice and past experience.

Don’t forget to be thankful to the people who helped! Make sure to show your gratitude by giving positive reactions to helpful posts, accepting a solution which answers your query, or even posting thank-you replies.


How to get started:

You can get started on the Bitdefender Expert Community forums by responding to an existing thread, starting a new thread, or using the reaction feature on posts. When you take any of these actions for the first time, you will be asked to choose a unique username to identify yourself. This name cannot be changed, and will be displayed alongside your forum posts.

Once you've chosen your Community name, you're ready to begin participating in the Community. Don’t forget! The name you’ve chosen cannot be changed afterwards! You will see your avatar and your name displayed at the top-right of any forum page, indicating that you are properly logged in to your account.


How to search for answers:

You can search the community by typing your question into the large search box at the top of any board. Make sure the drop-down menu to the right of the search box represents your intended scope - you an search within a certain forum, across the entire Community, or within username directories.

Once you've entered your inquiry, you'll see several suggested threads, which may contain the answer you're seeking. If none of these threads covers your question, you can instead click the "Start a topic" button to begin a new thread. Make sure you detail your question with a clear subject line, so that others can respond.


 Posting Guidelines:

  • Refrain from posting profane, defamatory, offensive, obscene or violent comments
  • Keep posts on topic by making sure posts are labelled with the most appropriate category. Make use of our search function to see if there are already some good threads on the subject.
  • Avoid posting or creating fluff/meaningless threads - if you are caught with this with the clear intention of bringing up your post counts, you will be penalized.
  • Make your posts easy to read. Be descriptive, avoid excessive punctuation and go easy on the Caps-lock button.
  • Refrain from unnecessary URLs. While you’re welcome to post a URL if it is relevant to the topic, posts with excessive URLs will be removed.
  • Be kind to newcomers – we have to start somewhere and we were all new once.
  • Thumbs-up to good behavior – encourage and recognize users for their help, effort and good work.


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