How to install Bitdefender on Windows

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How to install Bitdefender on Windows (full guide here)

This article guides you on how to install Bitdefender on Windows.  Before proceeding with the installation, make sure your PC meets the system requirements.

You can also watch the steps presented in the video below.


  • Help - can't install bitdefender on my pc. Going through the steps, and get up to the install button -- after that nothing follows the script . I never get the pop up that allows me to save the installation files and the run them.

  • Hello! How do you do sir? I wanted to try using Bitdefender antivirus free edition. But during the installation I faced some issues. When the installation was close to 90% it performs a rollback action due to installation error. And after that it says Error: Installer initialization failed or something. Before installing bitdefender I have already deleted other antvirus software and even manually checked and deleted the remaining folders. Can you plzz help solving this problem? Thank you.

  • Hello @Hailboy_12345 ,

    Please try these troubleshooting steps.

    1. Restart your computer. (If you have tried this already skip to 2)
    2. Delete the Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition download file and download a new one (
    3. If the error still persists please contact bitdefender support at

    You can also @ me again and I may be able to help further.😀

  • Hello @MikeA ,

    Did you get a error message or code? If not mind sending a screenshot or a video of what is going on?

    How to Screenshot in Windows: Windows Key + "Print Screen" key (PRT SCN)

    How to Screen Record in Windows: Windows Key + G then you can choose the start recording button or press Windows Key + Alt + R while Game Bar is open.

    You can also contact Bitdefender Support at:

  • Hello @possiblydavid,

    I have already tried those steps. Still no solution. The same problem persists. At 1st I tried to contact their support team. But they told me that for free antivirus I have to come here to seek solution. They only provide support for paid products.

  • Hey @Hailboy_12345 ,

    I just emailed you via our support center. I'll assist you over there.

    Looking forward to your reply!

  • So I downloaded the installation setup, once I open in it. Nothing happens. Not even an error message.

  • I have the same issue as Dustey. I download the install package and when it's executed it shows up as a process, in task manager, as well as another process 'bddeploy.exe. They run for about a minute and then disappear. Never actually launches the installer. 😫

    Any assistance in sorting this matter out would be greatly appreciated.

  • Hello can I instal bitdefender antivirus on Windows XP? I have problems.

  • Ich habe zwei Notebooks mit WIN 10 und möchte beide mit BitDefender ausstatten und bald ein drittes Notebook auch mit BitDefender zum Leben bringen. Das hauptthema für mich ist das MS-Konto so auszustatten das alle drei gut zusammen leben und alle drei gleich gesteuert und geholfen werden und tragen den gleichen Schlüssel.Ist es machbar und sinvoll?

    Patrick Forkin.

  • Das Konzept eines Forum für dieses Thema ist für mich sehr wichtig und ich hoffe das der Weg richtig ist.

    Patrick Forkin..

  • Thanks for this video. I was wanted to use bitdefender free version in my pc. As I want to check is that perfectly work on my pc. After that I will make decision to install the paid version.

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    Still facing error, after installing it nothing happens I am at working place at want to use this for saving my data of my website.

  • Can someone let me know if there's WordPress plugin, I want to use this functionality for my website.

  • Thank you for your help. It's a Free version, but the service has ended on December 31, 2021, is that okay? Existing users should also be suspended on June 30, 2022. For existing users of the Free version, I think there was an announcement that they would purchase a total security license at a discount.

  • Other people have commented and I too have the same issue. Support center does not help. A waste of money.

    So I downloaded the installation setup, once I open in it. Nothing happens. Not even an error message.

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  • Habrá que pedir el reembolso a Amazon , no hay forma humana de instalarlo

  • Hello @Esbaratao,

    Could you please write in English and tell us what error message you have encountered during activation? Also, please specify if the purchase was made at the official Bitdefender Amazon store, as not all marketplace sellers are affiliated with Bitdefender.

    Thank you.