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I first installed the total security multi-user on my Asus laptop and then installed on another desktop. For some reason I had to format my laptop's hdd. Now how should I go about re-installing the software on my laptop?? please help


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    That is totally dependent on you & your bitdefender total security licence. If your total security only holds license for one device you will not be able to install it on laptop since you have already installed it on desktop.

    If your total security holds licence for two devices, you can install it on laptop also and it goes onn.

    So at the end it comes down to how many devices you total security license can support, on how many devices it has already been installed, and if there is some extra device available for the same licence where you can still install it.

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  • It comes down to how many devices your total security license can support.Log in to your Bitdefender Central Account.

    If you are not sure about your Bit defender subscription visit the 'My Subscription' link at middle left side of the web page.

    Please provide us the snap shot taken by snipping tool of Windows.

    If you want to reactivate your Asus Laptop again deactivating or in addition along with your desktop that can also be done from Bitdefender Central Account under 'My devices' if your subscription allows.The old unused duplicate(Your old laptop installation) device needs to be removed from the list of devices. We will help you once you mention your multi user subscription status.Example 2/5 or 2/3(2 used out of 3 total).It should looks like below after login to your central account.

    share similar snapshot(hiding your email mentioned at right top corner for privacy) with us.

  • My subscription supports 3 devices, I used it on 2 devices already. But I want to reinstall in one of these two already installed devices.

  • Will I need to first re-install and then remove it from 'My Devices' or vice-versa?? Moreover, I am curious if the app is smart enough to check and tally with the Windows product key and register the re-installed device without generating another device under 'My devices'. Please do let me know what should be done and the steps.

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    Follow below procedure.

    Remove your previous device from bitdefender central on which bitdefender was installed and then you formatted it.

    Removing device from bitdefender central :

    Afterwards, you can go forward and download bitdefender total security. After the product will be installed, a windows will open asking for your registered login details with bitdefender. Once successfully entered, it will automatically synchronize your device with your online central account.



  • No;currently Bit defender app is not so smart as you imagine that it will read your Windows 10 key or reactivate itself as Microsoft Windows do it by past noted Hardware ID or MAC ID based recognition.As you have formatted the OS there will be high chance it will consume extra new fresh license by generating another device under "My Devices".

    1.a) You need to first re-install and then remove it from 'My Devices'.

    b) You may first remove your old installed Asus(In device the name may vary),wait 5-10 minutes to see the license turns 1/3. Then install it to a new device.(Or the same device freshly formatted)

    Option b) is better and fail safe according my opinion.

    Note: Removal of device won't reflect reduction of license instantly.Sometimes it may took time.So don't panic within a few minutes.If Device removing not reduced your used license number within 2-3 hours,then you may need to contact Bitdefender phone support of your country.

    Hope it help.Let me know by reply if any further assistance needed or if this solved your queries click on Agree.

  • Thanks a lot mate.. This helped me with my issue..😊

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    Good to know your issue has been resolved.



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