Recent alert keeps spamming me?

edited July 2020 in Protection

Starting last night from one of my family members laptops i'm constantly getting spammed with the following alert:

There was an attempt to establish a connection relying on an untrusted certificate

We blocked the connection to keep the data safe since untrusted certificates are issued by unrecognized certificate authorities

•  certificate found in

They primarily use chrome and this "kind of" sounds like DNS over HTTPS in chrome and the only reason it would be "untrusted" is because i know bitdefender certificate for HTTPS inspection. I have probably got over 100 alerts since last night.

Edit 1: i was wrong about numbers. Within the last hour i've had 130 and late last night i had 410. I'm getting notified every few seconds now of multiple.

Edit 2: So ya i validated its DOH (dns over https) queries from chrome. See here:


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