No way to cancel auto-renewal - is this even legal?

The Bitdefender payment option has been removed from subscriptions - meaning there is NO OPTION to cancel the auto renewal. As a company supplying a product which has such a good reputation why would Bitdefender use such an underhand practice to prevent people from taking control over their own payment option.

This is clearly a means to make it as difficult as possible for people to cancel the Bitdefender service and is precisely why I will be looking for an alternative AV company who care more about their customers needs.



  • It's not only the Auto Renew but they want to charge you full price when you can get a much better deal. New users get a better price than loyal users. That's not how a trustworthy company operates.

    It doesn't give us much confidence that Bitdefender is looking out for our security when they act like online scammers.

    I can't find any place to either turn Off or On Auto Pay.

  • On the dashboard, click My Subscriptions on the left. Then click My Payments tab at the top. You'll find "Manage your subscription renewal options" on that page. You're then given the option to keep or turn off auto renewal. When you click turn off it will probably give you the option to renew for half off.

  • Linda, you keep telling people this but there is no "My Payments" tab on the subscription screen or any other.

  • Agree. I have cancelled by email but who knows whether that will work either.

  • I clearly see it. It is just to the right of the dashboard button. Two options, 'Services' and ' My Payments'

  • There is definitely NO option to cancel auto renewal under ”services” and “my payments”. I have also tried to cancel via email and have been asked by BD to explain “why” (I should not have to defend a simple request). Bitdefender are deliberately making it as difficult as possible to cancel the auto renewal and for this reason I will be seeking a more customer friendly company to deal with.

  • I managed to turn my auto renew OFF in the My Payment Tab.

  • ammm

    what they don't tell you is

    you have to go into and sign in to


    TO DO IT

  • There IS NO my payments tab. I want to get this crap software off my pc and especially stop charging my card.

    Here is what my central looks like:

  • mine is exactly the same I phoned them this afternoon they said they would e mail me but haven't I don't trust this company anymore

  • I have used BD for nearly 16 years and I am telling you, BD is not as user friendly as it use to be. They have mangled it so much that it's functionality is not nearly as seamless. I say this because, I have sent many emails to support and haven't once gotten a good answer back. It seems all they want is your money. I like BD but they are turning me off seriously. I have an issue with functionality, as BD takes so long to load all of it's services, that I get frustrated and uninstall just to reinstall, since I still have 603 days on my subscription. It shouldn't take 10-15 mins for BD to load all of it's services before it can really function to do it's job. When I reinstall, it seems to work ok, but then after 24hrs, it goes back to a very, very slow process of loading all of it's services. I think it's because they have bloated it so much that it is just naturally slow. I am getting to the point of just doing away with BD and going with another antivirus provider that will be more seamless and less bloated.

  • I just started with this company this month and am ready to cancel. Seeing that there is no payments tab, no info under My Account I'm researching who to report to: FCC?

  • Just submitted a complaint to the FCC. Here's the link

  • I found this link and able to cancel auto renew:

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