Is Bitdefender a SCAM?

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Recently I sent an email to Bitdefender to complain that they Auto renewed my VPN service even after I had renewed it myself the day before. They have been messing me about something terrible, why can't they just sort the problem... I don't think it's overly complex....

I've copied my email below.... Is it me or is the email too hard to understand? ...

" On the 15th December 2020  I renewed my VPN Premium after I received an offer from yourselves to renew it at a discounted rate of £29.99.

On the 16th December 2020 You took ANOTHER payment of £39.99 for the same VPN Premium Service.

TODAY, 7th January 2021  I received an email from yourselves stating that you would refund my £39.99  

Today, 7th January 2021  You have cancelled both my VPN Premium accounts! which means i have paid you £69.98 and have no service."


  • Bitdefender have now refunded my £39.99 which is good, but I still have no active VPN service for my original payment of £29.99....


  • I am in America. The exact same thing happened to me. I forgot about auto-renewal, so when I got an email saying I could renew Bitdender at a discount, I renewed it (about 40.00 USD). About a week later (1-14-21) my credit card was billed about 97.00 USD by Bitdefender, twice as much as I paid earlier. I cannot figure out

    if I have any service...the Icon is not appearing. I keep trying to access my account but can't find any record of it at Bitdefender's website. I'm not sure what to do. I might end up just calling them.

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    Hi Member's

    Any billing related issue should be directly reported to bitdefender support instead of bitdefender forum to get response asap.

    Kindly drop an email regarding your query to [email protected] and they will reply back asap. Maximum response time will be 72 hours excluding saturday & sunday. They may reply back earlier also.



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  • Apparently Bitdefender has realized that it can make more money by not fixing their long-standing issue with their automatic renewal system. I had this same issue 2 years ago. They responded over a week later. After demanding my money back repeatedly, over series of emails I finally realized how extremely reluctant and difficult they being about issuing a refund. I gave in and we finally struck a compromise of an additional 3 years of coverage. You can be damn sure I turned off the auto-renew and will not renew my subscription. Dealing with this company has left a bad taste in my mouth.

  • Same here they keep charging me some really high price and never seem to follow through with support.


  • There are so many people in here with the same kind of problems as I have had with my Bitdefender account, which I am reluctant to bore you with. The final insult is the auto-renewal function that appears to be immune to all attempts to remove it, even after wasting many hours attempting to do so. Sadly that leaves me with 12 months of Bitdefender Total Security (really?), which has cost me more than 100 GB Pounds (so far) this year.

    I shall be talking to my bank about the shoddy and disgusting way I believe I have been treated by Bitdefender, who seem to prefer making customer support a joke, rather than its being the haven of assistance offered by other companies I have dealt with, and asking them the best way to prevent 2Checkout, or Avanquest, or Digital River, from ever accessing my Credit Card or PayPal accounts again without my explicit instructions being given.

    Beyond that, I shall be considering at what point to uninstall the whole stinking mess that still haunts my computers, and move on with a more trustworthy security company.

  • One of the problems with Bitdefender is that no matter if you reject the auto renewal they will renew it anyway. They renewed my Bitdefender for $149.00 which included premium VPN. They do not even have a $149.00 package on line besides charging me again for the VPN. I've cancelled the VPN and auto renewal the [ast 2 years. I don't have any problems with other software companies and as much as I like their product I don't like doing business with them.