Can't see an account on an added device

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I have setup a new laptop for my young daughter. It came with Win10 Pro pre-installed so I let the installation run and then called this account ''Admin", and then installed BitDefender, Total Security, Chrome and Office etc under it.

I then created a user account called "Mary" without Administrative privileges for my daughter and all programs and network shares etc work perfectly under this account. Network Discovery is turned on and the account can happily see all of the devices on the network.

The login screen correctly shows "Admin" and "Mary" as the account names (I chose not to set them up with Microsoft account names) and when logged in they correctly show "Admin" and "Mary" as the account names on the Start menu.

In BitDefender Central under Parental Control, I created a new Profile called "Mary". When I select this profile and click on Add Device, it sees the new laptop as "LAPTOP-...E5N" and when I select this device it then asks me to select the Account on that device. In the dropdown list it includes All Accounts, Admin, Administrator, DefaultAccount, Guest, and WDAGUtilityAccount. So it does see "Admin" but not "Mary" so I am unable to fully create the Parental Control profile for my daughter and restrict her access to "child" appropriate topics/websites.

I'm hoping somebody here might have an idea of something I may have missed.


  • I'm still stumped. BitDefender Total Security is installed in the new laptop (same bitDefender subscription as our other household devices) and when I Iogin to BitDefender Central I can see the new device (laptop) among our other Bit Defender protected devices and the "Admin" local account on it but not the "Mary" user account.

    I presume that I don't need to separately install Parental Control on the laptop as I have already installed Total Security on it and I can select the device in BitDefender Central and run a scan on it.

    This is driving me nuts... does anyone have any ideas?

  • I have the same issue, can't find solution.

    Issue details:

    1. Installed parental control on this machine.

    2. Created Windows Account - named julia

    3. Created child's profile - named Julia

    4. When I select this machine, can't see account julia, instead I can see old account (julka) that no longer exists (


    5. I selected "All accounts" for Julia profile.

    6. I created a new profile - Test

    7. For this profile I selected the same machine (warning icon was shown), then I was able to see julia Windows' account, I closed this without save

    8. When I try to select again account for Test, Julia account is not visible again

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