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Last month I was getting bombarded with pop-ups on my desktop to renew my licence (which is bloody annoying by the way). I thought I better get in and take an offer on a new licence before I lose out. I paid AUD$39.95 for a new licence and thought that was a pretty good price. I wasn't prepared to pay for the full price of $119.95.

I initially paid $69.94 for BitDefender in 2012.

This past week my credit card was billed for $119.95 without any warning what so ever. I complained to support that I've already purchased a licence and that I would have liked some warning to at least decide to go ahead or not. The fact they were targeting me to renew my licence even though it would be auto renewed is false advertising and it gave me the false impression I actually needed to renew before the expiry date. All I got from support was an offer to combine the licences into one with an extended period. I do not remember opting for auto-renew, and even if I did remember, I would have expected to have been notified at least a week before my credit card was to be charged (what if my credit card had expired, or I no longer wanted to use BitDefender or any number of other reasons). Sure this offers convenience to the consumer, but like many consumers we also like a good deal, and I'm sure many would more than likely be willing to take 5 min to pay almost 75% less on the cost. Seriously, how much time are we saving by manually renewing a licence? Is 5 min of my time really worth something like $80?

I offered BitDefender a counter offer to combine my licences, but to reimburse me the difference between the cost of the licence I purchased last month and the full price, or at least their nearest offer. I would be more than willing to accept this instead of a full refund. They make a sale, I get an extra year licence. Win - win, no replies from support as yet.

I've also tried creating an account with Avangate to deactivate the auto renew feature, which others on this forum have mentioned (with varied success to deactivate auto renew). I tried searching for my order number but it comes up blank. I resorted to using my email address with some success. No emails yet though to activate my Avangate account.

This practice of charging a persons credit card without any confirmation from the customer is criminal and if I'm not satisfied with the outcome, I promise I'll start to make a lot more noise to public forums and magazines.

Support, if you're reading this, my assigned reference number for this case is 2013121605090001.

Please be prompt with your response.


  • California passed a bill regarding auto-renewing contracts and offers some of the strongest consumer protections in the country. Without knowing all of the details of the contract you entered into, it's hard to say if you qualify for relief.

    It does say in part:

    (a) It shall be unlawful for any business making an automatic renewal or continuous service offer to a consumer in this state to do any of the following:

    (2) Charge the consumer's credit or debit card or the consumer's account with a third party for an automatic renewal or continuous service without first obtaining the consumer's affirmative consent to the agreement containing the automatic renewal offer terms or continuous service offer terms.

    IANAL, however if the facts as you've stated them are correct, in California (regardless of where the other party is located) you have to affirmatively agree to a recurring contract. It doesn't appear that you did. The penalties for the offending company can be quite large, and include a refunding of all payments you've already made to them.

    The penalties may even be large enough to entice a lawyer to pick up the case on a contingency. I would suggest you go talk to one.

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