Bd 2011 Has Locked My Computer

I unfortunately chose the option to have BD AV 2011 remove my existing Kaspersky AV. BD not only failed to remove KAV, but then installed BD 2011 AV. The result is the cursor is now frozen and I cannot use the arrow keys to get to the uninstall option in programs.

I tried to boot with the Windows XP CD but that was to no avail.

BD customer service, not so helpfully, suggested I download the BD uninstaller. Nice idea if my system were not disabled.

Open for suggestions.


  • Hi

    For complete uninstallation of any Antivirus software, you must use its "Uninstall Tool" which you can found in this post.

  • You may need to boot your PC into Safe Mode to gain functionality while you do this.


  • Thanks Gary and ONT.

    Unfortunately BD 2011 AV states you can use the installer provided to remove other antivirus programs. My mistake is I believed that. If it does not work BD needs to remove that option from their installer and direct the installation to halt and tell the user to uninstall the existing AV. Poor product design.


    Tried the Safe mode with no help. Restoring previous versions failed to help as well.

    Tried to boot from Windows XP CD but whatever is fracked w/ computer is preventing that route as well.

    I am now spending a minimum of $50 to get a computer repair service to recover my system.

    The essentially total lack of help from BD customer service is not making me a happy camper. BD has my $$ and I have an activation code, but customer service treats me as if I have not paid for the service since I have not received the license code at installation. Poor customer service procedures.

    My hope is the anitvirus actually works better than what I have so far experienced. Otherwise, I will consider the $$ spent w/ BD as a lesson learned and go back to Kaspersky.

    Very disappointing.

  • Hi Tom,

    Please explain why you can't boot into Windows XP Safe Mode. Any error message? What happens when you boot up ? If the drivers of the security solution you wish to remove are running and protecting those specific driver files, then BitDefender will not be able to remove them.

    I, for one, recommend everyone to run the specific uninstall tool for the security software they wish to remove, for the above mentioned reason.

    Regarding the lack of Support, I have searched based on your email address all the tickets you have open with us. I have found 1 open ticket with 5 replies from the Sales Department.

    As you also guessed, the reason why your PC got frozen was because you have two active Security Solutions on it running at Windows Startup. From this point you can restore your PC by removing BitDefender manually, using the Rescue CD.

    I took ownership of the ticket you have open with my colleague George and sent you instructions on how to manually remove BitDefender with the Rescue CD. Note that the CD in question can also be used when an infection is preventing your PC from running normally.

    Ticket ID: 201011231041132.

    Best regards,