Anti-malware Sdk 2008, Error While Creating Instance


I am using BitDefender Anti-Malware SDK for scanning documents in my Project.

I am trying to execute the sample program provided with the SDK.

My Environment is Linux 64 Bit.

I am able the initializing the threat scanner with following code

ThreatScanner_Initialize(".", "VALID Licence Key")

But in next step while creating the instance I am getting the following error

"Error initializing threat scanner. Probably a COM registration error or files missing"

Tried to print the status code with

int status = ThreatScanner_CreateInstance(&scanner);

printf("Error creating instances %x\n", status);

Which is c0000001

Did the cross check on compiler version of GCC that too is also correct.

Please help me, Where I am making mistake? Or is there is any other issue?

I am directly using the libraries provided, No Bitdefender installed ion my machine.


  • Support on this forum is not provided for SDK products.

    If you have a legal contract signed with BitDefender then you should contact your account manager.

    Case closed.

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