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Auto Billing


I purchased Bitdefender this month last year. I had problems with it and deleted the entire program. Today I got a email about auto billing failed through Avangate. I did not ask for auto bill, but after a struggle I did find thru Avangate my account number and had to contact them to stop billing. Opened account page and guess what, no where to delete or revoke order process. Found a number (888-247-1614) and called to India and talked to a gentleman who assured me item was cancelled. No verification number or way to be sure he did do what we discussed or if this problem will reoccur.. Bitdefender should consider making it easier to stop practices like this as it certainly reflects on opinions and feelings like other internet crap you get when you give billing info to shady operators!!!! Just my opinion.

Keep in mind the problem was not with Bitdefender billing, but I purchased thru Avangate and read some people purchased thru Digitalriver and were having billing problems. Bitdefender could help its image if they did their own billing and did it in a simple straight forward manner... with a cancel option.

Ron Parish



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    Hello Ron,

    Thank you for taking the time to post and to provide your valuable feedback to us!

    Avangate and Digital River are the online shops for Bitdefender products purchased from our official website . I've just checked your order number #11228449 for the Bitdefender purchase you made last year, on 2012/03/11. Rest assured the auto-renewal feature is disabled for this order.

    I can see that your Bitdefender license key has never been activated in the product, meaning that it is still valid for 1 year, 3 computer. Would you be interested in upgrading for free to Bitdefender Total Security 2013 with this key? If you are, here are the installation instructions for the new product:

    You can find your Bitdefender license key in the PM I've just sent to you. More information on how to register Bitdefender 2013 is available in this article:

    If there is anything else please feel free to post back, Ron.

    Thank you and we hope you enjoy your product! :)

  • mithcd

    Thanks. Is it also possible to have this feature of for future users? Just curious. smile2.png