Allowed Zones Are Being Removed Periodically - Not Saved


I recently bought BitDefender internet security - works well so far with the following exception:

I cannot print to a printer without first adding the IP as an allowed zone. When I add my printers IP it works just fine. But, when I try to print later in the day or the next day the allowed zone has disappeared and I have to look up the IP # again and add it again. This is highly annoying. How can I have the allowed zones saved permanently?




  • cmezza
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    I've had the same problem with the zones disappearing; it was solved by removing BD entirely and re-installing it afterwards.

  • Georgia
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    Does your PC have a dynamic IP?

    If it does, you will need to also select Generic: YES under Firewall > Manage adapters > Network

    Please let me know how it goes, thank you!

  • Can paranoid mode being enabled be the cause of this by any chance? You can probably try to turn it off and see if it makes a difference skit. smile2.png

  • Georgia
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    A quick solution for the encountered issue is to upgrade to The New Bitdefender. The upgrade is absolutely free of charge and due to the many improvements brought to this lineup any issues you may have encountered with your current product are now solved.

    In order to upgrade to the new version please follow the steps below:

    From now on, post in this area of the forum in case you encounter further issues after the upgrade:

    Thank you.

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