Problems With Truecrypt After Installing Bitdefender

Hi Everyone,

I recently installed Bitdefender Internet Security 2013 on my Laptop running Windows XP Pro SP3. I have been using TrueCrypt for quite some time now and never had any issues when I used Kasperky or other antiviruses. Now I can´t acces any of my encrypted volumes because bitdefender crashes my computer immediately. I have tried everything and nothing seems to work:

1) Added exclusion for truecrypt.exe file (didn't work)

2) Added exclusion for truecrypt. exe process (didn't work)

3) Added exclusion for truecrypt. exe at firewall module (didn't work)

4) Added exclusion for truecrypt extension tc (didn't work)

5) Temporarily disabled On access Scanning and Active Virus Control (didn't work)

6) I tried to disable Bitdefender Antivirus shield completely by Services.msc but couldn't do it. Perhaps there is a special way to do this but i don't know it

This issue with Bitdefender and Truecrypt has been hanging around for some time (See but no one at the bitdefender support group seems to have provided a definite solution for it. It's a big fault with the Antivirus Module which should be properly taken care of

Do I have to uninstall Bitdefender in order to access my Truecrypt volumes?

Any help will be very welcomed


  • Looks like you've done a lot already. You might also want to check the Windows Event Viewer. Usually, it will show you logs on which modules crashed. smile2.png