Auto-renewal Scam/fraud Customer Theft Program

You guys are NOT alone. We have a similar thread going on in the 2013 and 2012 forum with a bunch of upset victims of what we have been calling the Auto-Renewal Scam/Fraud or the Customer Theft Program.

Here's a link to our thread... feel free to share over there, too.

2013 Thread:

We've been recommending people file complains with the BBB and leave reviews on cNet to warn others about this fraudulent and dishonest procedure to try and help others not fall victim to the Auto-Renewal Scam/Fraud Customer Theft Program.

The more we speak up, the more people we can help and hopefully get Bitdefender to change their dishonest and fraudulent ways, or even better, go out of business. Here's the BBB and cNet information..... Copy and Pasted from our other thread...


Hey, everyone. After thumbing through the forums, I've noticed many of you have fallen victim to BitDefender's Auto-Renewal Scam/Fraud problem, as I almost did, and many of you have, unfortunately. Some of you have gotten your money refunded, while others have not. I think we all agree that these people are pathetic and that this company is a horrible business, so let's warn others.

1) BBB. I wish I had read their BBB rating before I ever gave these sleazeballs my credit card! They have an F rating and many complains. I urge you all to add your own complaints and reviews at BBB, so that hopefully we can prevent other people from falling victim to BitDefender's Auto-Renewal Scam/Fraud and their overall horrible customer service in general.

You can file a complaint against these sleazeballs here:

Here's some of their file from the BBB website, proving how pathetic the company is, but please see for yourself here:


Bitdefender, LLC

Phone: (954) 776-6262

Fax: (954) 776-6462

View Additional Phone Numbers

6301 NW 5 Way, #4300, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309

[email protected]

! There is an alert for this business !

On a scale of A+ to F... F

BBB Ratings System Overview

2) is a great site to read and leave reviews on software and download software, too! BitDefender has a 2.5 star rating on cnet and is obviously not reflective of how we all really feel. I urge you all to leave a review on cnet so that maybe we can help other people not fall victim to BitDefender's Auto-Renewal Scam/Fraud and having to deal with their pathetic customer service... I bet the ones that did leave a positive review on cnet would go back and change that review after being sucker punched by the Auto-Renewal Scam/Fraud.

Leave a review here:

Thanks, guys! Let's do our part and make the public aware of this terrible company before the Scam more people out of money with the Auto-Renewal Scam/Fraud, and make it impossible to get their money back thanks to their horrible customer service. Thanks again, everyone! Let's do our part!

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