Error 1011

Hi, my BD2015 hadn't update for two days because a error 1011. I read an olderly post about it, i tried restart and nothing happenned. This has happened too much, every week.

I have had problems to connect to Bitdefender website and website support. Is this a problem with the BD server? All internet works fully great.

I have windows 8.1, intel i5 4200M, 8gb RAM, nvidea 750M. I use Chrome and Mozilla.


  • Rohugh
    Rohugh ✭✭

    Hello ynivers,

    I have seen no problems with updates or connecting to any of the BD sites and there have been no complaints recently here on the forums.

    Firstly run a repair on your Bitdefender. Control Panel>Programs and Features>Bitdefender - double click it and choose "Repair". Allow it to complete and reboot your computer.

    If you still have the problem it is best to contact Bitdefender Help & Support from the BD GUI (top bar dropdown and follow instructions).


  • Thanks for your attention. It didn't work. I think it is a problem firewall`configuration. I will contact support.

  • Georgia
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    edited July 2015

    Hi ynivers,

    The update error 1011 was recently reported to us by many Brazilian customers.

    Our investigation revealed that one of the major ISP in that country was blocking the Bitdefender update server, thus resulting the error 1011.

    Do you happen to live in Brazil? If yes, what is the name of your internet provider?