Device Not Listed In My Bitdefender

Just got a new laptop (Windows 10) and installed BD TS 2015. When I go to My BD the device isn't listed; my other devices are listed.

I want to add the laptop to my Son's Parental Control profile but can't because it isn't listed.

Long time BD user on three other computers. :D

Anyone have any ideas? :huh:


  • Hello Firecapt,

    It sometimes take a while for new devices to register in My Bitdefender, they need to filter through the servers, how long have you waited? You also need to refresh the My Bitdefender page if you are keeping it open (press F5).


  • Hi Rohugh,

    No joy after 24+ hours; the device still isn't listed. I'm surprised that there seems to be no way to "add" a device manually.

    The window hasn't been open continuously during this time period; indeed the computer was shut down overnight.

  • Hi Firecapt,

    You can try re-adding your account from the BD GUI>top bar dropdown>Account Info>Log in with another account. Fill in your same details again and see if that activates things. I had the same trouble last a few days ago when adding a new device and had to do that.

    If not you should send Bitdefender an email at [email protected]


  • Thanks Ro!!

    Your suggestion worked. The laptop now appears on the device list.

    One thing is strange though, the update icon (spinning circle with arrows in the middle) is spinning and has continued to spin even though the window has been open for hours.

    Thanks again :D

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