Unable To Install Trafficlight For Safari

Hi Admin or anyone,

I am not able to install the extension, traffic light for Safari.

The link is as below:

Bitdefender SRL

no file is downloaded upon clicking it and it keeps looping from the first page to the download page and then back to the first page.

I am running EL-Capitan.

Kindly advice on how to proceed from here.




  • Hello Zane,

    Firstly please clear the cache from your Safari

    - From the Safari menu select Clear History
    - Select "All History" and click on Clear History.
    - Now select "Preferences" from the Safari menu
    - Go to the Privacy tab and click on "Remove all Website Data"

    Afterwards please retry to install Traffic Light

    - Copy this link in the Safari address bar and hit enter:
    - Click on "Install Now" and wait for it to be installed. You will be redirected to the "Getting Started" page and you will notice the TrafficLight sign next to the address bar.
    - Click on "Safari" from the menu bar and go to Preferences > Extensions
    - Select TrafficLight. If there are any updates available, please click on them and install them from Gallery.

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