I can't uninstall Antivirus for Mac !

I 've been having issues with Bitdefender on my Mac, so I tried to uninstall and reinstall it. I've been at it for hours, trying all the different suggestions I've found online, and it just won't uninstall. During the reinstall, the wizard can't uninstall the current version. When I try the uninstaller alone it says "unexpected error occurred" (I've tried dozens of times). When I try to download a new uninstaller, the file can't be extracted saying "a fatal error occurred". When I try to switch accounts, a pop-up attempts to open, but immediately closes. I've even tried doing a complete restore using Time Machine to a time before Bitdefender started acting up with no luck.  What's really strange is my Mac is not showing up at Bitdefender central, but all my other computers are. However, my Mac is still showing as signed in on my computer when I check the local preferences. Has anyone experienced anything like this before? Is there a way to nuke Bitdefender off my computer? I just want this headache over with.