Is there a method to make a desktop shortcut to Safepay in Internet Security 2019?


  • Bill_k
    edited July 2018

    I had one on my desktop after I did the install, but you should be able to create one manually. If you right click on Bitdefender Safepay which should exist in your Bitdefender Security program folder just select "Send to" > Desktop (create shortcut). Hope this helps!

  • Thanks. In 2019 version it does not seem possible to get a response to right clicking any of the 'Quick Actions' of which, Safepay is one. As you say, earlier versions put a shortcut on the desktop during installation but this latest version only puts a VPN shortcut on the desktop (apart from the main application).

  • Sorry about that, you're correct that a shortcut to Safepay was not automatically created. Just figured out a way for you to create one... If you open File Explorer you can access the BD Safepay program on your hard drive (i.e. C:) under Program Files/Bitdefender/Bitdefender Security in the file named "obk". You can then right click on that file to create a desktop shortcut. Please confirm whether that works for you!

  • Yes, a shortcut can be generated directly from the executable location. I had been having a look at the directory level but didn't recognise the 'obk' file name and didn't notice the 'Safepay' icon until you identified the name.

    Something else I seem to be unable to find in this version is the build version number. Can you point me in the right direction?

  • I have to admit I didn't recognize the file name either so I cheated, I use StartIsBack and was able to open the file location of Safepay from my start menu to find it. :)

    You can see the build (currently by right clicking on the BD icon in the notifications area and selecting About.


  • Sorry, I must be missing something. I cannot see a BD Icon in the 'Notifications' window. It provides a status list under four tabs but none appear to have  a BD icon. The only symbol is the shield, but that's on the main menu selection panel.

  • In the Windows notification area (bottom right of screen) you should have a BD icon, and if you right click on it select About to see the build.

  • Thanks. Memory's fading, I should have remembered.

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