Internet slowed to a crawl after latest update

After the latest BD 2019 update ( BD Total security 2019) my internet has slowed to a crawl using Firefox or Internet Explorer.  Page load times are anywhere from15 seconds to a minute.  Nothing else has changed on my computer and provider speeds are the same as always.

Any ideas?


  • Same here. Didn't have any problem until now. 

  • Same for me. Did'nt also have any problème before.

  • Hard to say if it's linked to this new update because some websites are working well.

    However for example, this one

    Is slow in Firefox 63.0.1 the first time it has to be loaded

  • If you encounter browsing slowdown in Firefox, or when using the computer in general, but only after opening Firefox, please check if the issue persists with Bitdefender build

    - right click on the Bitdefender icon from System Tray

    - press on Update Now and wait until this process is finished

    - press on Restart Now


    If Restart Now doesn't appear, restart the computer manually.


    After the restart, please make sure you have the latest build of Bitdefender installed, To verify the build that you are running, please right click on the Bitdefender icon in the System Tray and press on About. The build is displayed below the Product information.

  • I'm already using this version :-)

    I've installed it using uninstall/reinstall option.

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