Remote Desktop (RDP) and Window 7, can only login one time then host locks up

Having problems since recent windows 7 updates and had to remove Bitdefender 2019 on several PCs due to RDP issues. Am able to connect to Win 7 host via RDP only one time. After attempting a 2nd login the host hangs on the welcome screen. Even worse, cannot login locally, system again hangs on welcome screen. Only solution is to hit the reset button.

Removed Bitdefender and using Windows Firewall plus Microsoft Security Essentials, now RDP is working perfectly. Great if Bitdefender could look into this issue. I know some other antivirus programs have been having issues since the Zero-Day and BlueKeep patches.




  • Hello,


    We are aware of this issue and we are currently working on a fix. Once we have a fix, we will let you know.

    Thank you for your understanding.

  • I have the same problem with Windows 7 and Bitdefender AV and hat to uninstall after a long search for the cause.


  • I just installed Bitdefender today - can duplicate this issue and have to pull the plug on the computer (no reset button).

    I guess I'm not wasting any more time with Bitdefender - 9 days to get a response in the Forum, acknowledging the problem which I think is a VERY serious one (I can't live without RDP), and here 18 days after problem reported no fix. 

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    I have the same problem and other symptons include:

    • The inability to shutdown Windows 7 after a failed RDP.  A shutdown remains on the shutting down message but never completes.

    • Credentials not being saved and used correctly in Acronis Backup for a Unmanaged Vault (in a network file shared)

    • One or two other very frustrating symptoms that I cannot explain with any other reason other than recent Microsoft updates and Bitdefender new features.

    I am returning to version 2018 to see if the problems go away.

  • just a solution so far, unistall and life will be ok. Other problem is , computer never get restart 

  • Seems to be resolved in Bitdefender 2020 - not seeing the issue anymore.

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