No Camera Access

Hi, my windows applications cannot access the webcamera. I am running Windows 10 Pro and Bitdefender 2020

Firstly I went into the Privacy settings and "Video and Audio Protection" and added the application to the list. This did not work.

Next I went into the "Video and Audio Protection" settings and switched off "Webcam Protection"

the applications still cannot see the camera.

I removed bitdefender and re-started, without bitdefender the applications can access the webcamera. I have re-installed bitdefender and once again the applications cannot see the camera.

I have tried with zoom, google meet and the windows camera app

Any other settings to try?

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  • Mr_AMr_A
    Accepted Answer

    Just to close this, I have managed to solve the problem.

    The laptop came pre-installed with some software called "Control Centre", this software allowed you to enable and disable the camera (as well as changing some other settings)

    Somehow bitdefender managed to cause this software to disable the camera. Once the camera was enabled through "Control Centre" it worked fine. Control Centre can be launched from the task bar.


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