Software/App updater with an in-account, per-machine software register

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Can anyone recommend an app updater for Windows 10?

If your dev team are willing to put it in the backlog, this is a new component I'd like to see.

Can you create a software/app updater, please? There are many out there on the net, but it's difficult to know who to trust, and I trust BitDefender. As outdated apps are as much a vulnerability as an unpatched OS, this seems a good fit.

I've searched for this functionality, and in addition to not being sure who to trust, there's one feature missing from all the others: being able to keep an online list or register of apps an account-holder's machine has installed, maybe linked to a store.

For customers with a Central account, his would mean that in the event that a user has to rebuild their machine, they could install BitDefender, and get all the apps in the register updated, in effect, automatically re-installing the apps they had before the rebuild (can you tell that I've recently had to rebuild my machine...?!). This could happen automatically as a part of a scan, or at the user's request by the click of a button.

Avira has something like this, but only as part of their system protection tool, which installs an antivirus. I'm not ready to move away from BitDefender for that functionality.

Also, on Android (and I expect IOS), this is a built-in feature. When you're setting up a new phone, and you enter your Google account, the Play Store recognises that apps are not updated, and automatically installs updates, effectively re-installing the apps you had on your old phone. It very quickly, and very simply, gets you up and running again.

If you use Agile development, here are some stories:

As a BitDefender Central account holder, I want an automatic app updater so that I can easily and automatically keep my apps updated and reduce vulnerabilities.

As a BitDefender Central account holder, I want an online register in my account of apps I've installed so that if I rebuild my machine, I can easily re-install them all.

As a BitDefender Central account holder with multiple machines, I want a per-machine register so that updates are relevant to the machine I am updating.

As a BitDefender Central account holder, I want to be able to move per-machine registers to different machines, so that if the machine name is changed in a rebuild, I can update/re-install the software the machine had when it had a different name.

As a BitDefender Central account holder, I want a button to update/re-install my apps.

As a BitDefender Central account holder, I want to be able to schedule app updates so that my work is not interrupted by updates.

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  • Add update application like kaspersky and Tools like glasswire into the same console

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