Downloading files

Ok, so I'm trying to download a file which gets blocked. Then I add the URL as exception because I can't add the file since it's not even downloaded. Doesn't work. I open the quarantine and remove it from there while also making sure the option to auto except files that are manually removed is on. Doesn't work again and file still gets blocked. I disabled everything that can be disabled - file still gets blocked and quarantined. I open task manager to close every process of bitdefender because there's no option to silence the damn thing or close it. Doesn't work again and windows is even more retarded than the bitdefender (duh) and it wont kill the damn thing. I dont know why I'm paying for this and why i can't just tell the program to ignore this file. Why do I even need to waste my time trying to figure how to download a file while the paid protection's answer regardless of what you do is - ye nah. The user experience is terrible. It just needs to ask if I trust the file or whatever and then takes action based on simple yes/no instead of me googling how to download files while having bitdefender....


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