Firewall Is Disabled

I installed BDTS 2010 today on my pc.

But firewall is disabled and while trying to enable it shows the error:

'Failed to communicate with the BitDefender Security service!'

Also it shows:

Computer IPs: no networks detected

Gateways: no gateways set

I had no firewall problems with BDTS 2009 a day ago !!



  • Hello kunalkoool,

    We have sent you a procedure that should help you re-enable the BitDefender firewall . Please reply to my email if you have any other questions .

    Thank you .

  • Hello kunalkoool,

    We have sent you a procedure that should help you re-enable the BitDefender firewall . Please reply to my email if you have any other questions .

    Thank you .


    I have the same problems on my compueter. I would greatly appreciate if you could send me a copy of that procedure to re-enable the BitDefender firewall.



  • Hi,

    I have the same problem. I installed BT 2010 and my internet connection stopped to work. I used BT 2008 before and everything was fine with it but I was at the end of my licence so I bought BT 2010 and now I had to uninstall it to connect and write this email.

    What is the solution. I tried to uninstall, clean the disk, check the disk re install but the firewall is still stopping me and I cannot stop it.

    Why is there no stop button on this version? To stop BT from running you have to uninstall it !!!

    Some help will be welcome :o

  • Hello,

    I just purchased Bit Defender Total Security 2010, upgrading from BD Antivirus 2009 - and have had a host of problems.

    First, I could not get updates to work. The only way I was able to fix this was to completely uninstall BDTS, and then re-install.

    Now upon reinstall, I cannot start the firewall. Whenever I attempt to start the firewall, the result simply says "failed" with no errors.

    I am running Windows 7 release version (from my MSDN subscription), 64-bit. I purposely upgraded to BDTS 2010 since it is sold as "Windows 7 Ready".. Perhaps not so much?

  • I am having the same issue...

    BD Support, could you perhaps post the procedure you sent to the original poster here to the forum?

  • Same problem/wish here.

  • I recently installed Bitdefender Internet Security 2010 but I can't enable the firewall as Iget this error "Failed to communicate with the Bitdefender Security service!"

    The product is registered but I haven't activate it yet

    can anyone tell me what to do ???

  • Hello all,

    Unfortuantely this procedure is a little complicated and that is why we avoid posting it. We have sent you an email with this workaround and we would like you to reply if you have any difficulties in running those steps.

    Thank you .

  • Procedure worked fine for me -- thanks!

  • Hi,

    I am still waiting for the technician to solve my problem. I am running Windows XP and had BT 2008 which worked fine.

    To connect on the internet I had to uninstall BT 2010 so what the point to get security? :o

  • Hello mmuriel,

    We have contacted you through the email . Please reply if you have any other questions .

    Thank you .

  • Hello. I am having the exact same issue with the bitdefender 2010 firewall. I am running Vista Business. What is the procedure to re-enable my firewall?

  • Thank you very much. The instructions in the email seemed to work with 100% efficiency.

  • I'm having the same issue. Please can you forward me the workaround so that I can sort it on my PC.

    Kind regards, Chris

  • After installing the program, I got a message that I had a problem file. When I chose to fix the problem I was directed to screen that stated the Firewall was disabled. After selecting the option to fix that issue I got a message that stated the attemped 'FAILED'.

    Then I went to the 'SETTINGS' screen and noticed the 'FIREWALL' able box wasn't checked off, so I put a check in it and selected 'APPLY'. At that point, the 'Apply' button went to GREY and just stayed that way, while the firewall box emptied itself of the check mark that I had just put there. Selecting 'OK' after the grey 'Apply' didn't have any affect on the change being accepted.


  • Hello

    I have the same problem with the firewall. Can you help me?

    Thank you

  • Good evening,

    I have exactly the same problem, not to activate my new activation key, no firewall, more updates!

    Dice-installation impossible, restoring files innefficaces ...

    The famous procedure interests me a lot! In French here will be great!

    In advance thank you ....

  • I am also having the exactly same problem. Please send me the direction for correct this problem. It is better to put this issue in your KB, please.

  • I'm having the same problem here... :(

    Please send me a copy of the procedure / solution, Thanks. ^_^

  • edited September 2009

    Thank you, Alex. The solution works... B)

  • Hi,

    You are lucky because for me nothing is working. I tried everything the assistance told me and BT 2010 doesn't allowed me to go on the internet as soon as it is installed.

    This is crazy !!!

  • I am have the same problem about trying to get the firewall enable.

    Can you please help me........

  • Hello

    I have the same problem with the firewall. Can you help me?

    Thank you

    Hello again,

    I'm still waiting for an answer. I'm running Vista Home Premium. Can you send me what do I have to do?

    Thank you

  • edited September 2009

    Unfortunately, :(

    The solution did work for me, :)

    but after another reboot, :o

    the problem will face up again and again... :blink:

    I need to keep doing that procedure to keep my firewall works. <_<

    How can I stop the problem? :unsure:


  • In the end, I'm back to v2009. :wacko:

    Due to v2010:

    unstable, :huh:

    firewall problem, :(

    dragging pc performance, :blink:

    clash with several applications. :ph34r:

    Bitdefender provides strong protection, :wub:

    but the problem is, program not stable enough. :o

    Hope that Bitdefender will fix the issues and more improvements. Thanks. B)

  • Hello kunalkoool,

    We have sent you a procedure that should help you re-enable the BitDefender firewall . Please reply to my email if you have any other questions .

    Thank you .

    Hi Alex,

    I am experiencing an identical problem. Could you please send me the procedures?

    Thank you.

  • Hello, i'm also having this problem, and cannot enable the bitdefender 2010 firewall, can you send me the sollution? Thankyou!

  • hi trying to find solution to disabled firewall in fix issues, everytime i click to fix it says failed

  • Hi,

    Finally, BT 2010 is working. The french hotline found the solution for me. I just had to install SP3 and all the updates for windows XP. I was reluctant to do it because I had problems with SP3 few months ago but with the version I downloaded, it seems like everything is working fine.

    Thanks to everybody :rolleyes:

  • Hello all,

    In order to be able to reinstall the BitDefender Firewall, we recommend you to follow the steps from the next article: .

    Thank you .

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