Parental Controls Not Working

I installed Bitdefender 2010 on a new install of windows xp media edition. I then activated the Guest account in windows. After that I went into the bitdefender account and blocked multiple keywords, websites and time restrictions. For example, I denied access to,. I also added imesh as a keyword to block and I also limited the internet access for the guest account to specific hours during the week. So I go into the guest account and nothing is blocked! I can access every website I listed to block. I can search all keywords that are blocked. And even if I deny ALL access to the internet for the guest account, it still allows it to surf the entire web 24/7 - The main reason I got this was to make sure my kids cant surf malicious sites and it doesnt work at all. Please advise


  • Hello pba20321,

    Try to repair BitDefender and look if the same issue occurs after that. In order to do this, please click on Start from Windows , choose All Programs and then choose BitDefender 2010 . Select Repair or Remove , choose Next when the new window will appear and then choose Repair. Reboot your computer when prompted and proceed with the repair process of BitDefender.

    We are looking forward to your reply.

    Thank you.