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[solved] Installer For Antivirus 2008 Build 11.0.17

I want to install BD Antivirus 2008 on another computer. I have two installers:

- build 11.0.14:

- build 11.0.17:

The installer for Build 11.0.14 is a self contained 34.88 MB full installer so it should work without problems.

The one for Build 11.0.17 is only 139.3 kB download manager designed to get installation files from BitDefender servers, is it still going to work? I would prefer to use this version because that's what I have running on my first computer, so I could easily copy configuration settings from the backup.

Is there any FTP server that I could download the full version of Build 11.0.17, or can I get the full version if I send email directly to Support.

PS: I know that I have to pay to get all that working, all what you need to do is to purchase version 2010 and later request a registration key compatible with version 2008.



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