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  • ENGLISH TRANSLATION Hello all, I would like to be able to use a different email address on the Bitdefender Community of Experts. I can't find a way to do it. Is it possible to change my email address? If so, please tell me what to do and if this is not possible, please give me the procedure so that I can close my account…
  • Manually download Windows Defender update from Microsoft website and install (https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/wdsi/defenderupdates) Regards Flex (Bitdefender beta tester 2019/ 2020)
  • Kindly refrain from posting any 3rd party website which is not associated to the post or topic. @Andy_BD, @Mike_BD Regards Flex (Bitdefender beta tester 2019/ 2020)
  • Any android antivirus will protect you against 2 things 1) Malicious Website/ Phishing Website Blocking 2) Malware Applications (whether installed or whether the setup of the application is present on the android device) *Some of the android antivirus vendors also provide anti theft. Viber in itself is a genuine…
  • @Andy_BD @Mike_BD Kindly have a look. Regards Flex (Bitdefender beta tester 2019/ 2020)
  • Kindly drop an email to bitdefender support at [email protected] regarding your query .They will reply back asap. Regards Flex (Bitdefender beta tester 2019/ 2020)
  • Well, you will have to check the same under computer running windows 10 and bitdefender installed, if the same problem occurs on windows 10 system, then it might be the issue with the bitdefender, but unless you are using a beta version of windows no help will be provided from support. No AV vendor will provide support for…
    in Awful support Comment by Flexx August 15
  • As with all android antivirus vendors, they only scan apps that are installed on device, apps that will be installed in real time on device and protect user from malicious/ phishing website blocking. Regards Flex (Bitdefender beta tester 2019/ 2020)
  • You can always share your feedback with development team by dropping an email to bitdefender support at [email protected] and they will further share the feedback with development team. They will reply back asap. If this helps, kindly mark answer as agree/ accepted Regards Flex (Bitdefender beta tester 2019/ 2020)
    in Trojan Horse Comment by Flexx August 13
  • Kindly perform below steps & see if this helps you in anyway. 1. Kindly download and run the bitdefender uninstaller (https://www.bitdefender.com/files/KnowledgeBase/file/Bitdefender_2021_Uninstall_Tool.exe) 2. Restart PC in safe mode…