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  • Hello Please set the On Access Scanner to Normal and put the product in Auto Pilot mode. Reboot the system and everything should be just fine. Take care. Christian: You have been very helpful in the BD forum and I appreciate your assistance. There are several different topic titles in the General and Antivirus forums that…
  • I have installed and registered BD Internet Security 2013 on an XP platform. Having had this PC for some time before opting for BD as an alternative AV product, the boot up gives a different appearance. All the desk top icons are shown as the generic blank file image and slowly, one by one they convert to their own…
  • i update it... reinstall... update... update and update... no change unless if i just dont have it installed and use bitdefender total security 2012 Kyon: See response #8 in the post for "Explorer/windows Freezing After Update." in this forum. That will fix your problem for the short term. There are also other posts over…
  • In my google chrome browser I noticed in settings that there is a checkbox for "Enable phishing and malware protection" under advanced settings. I have this box checked. Should it stay checked or am I going to have a problem because of additional protection, even though I didn't install anything? I think this is just…
  • The recent (around November 12) update to Bitdefender Total Security 2013 ruined the on-access scanner. It's made my Windows 8 system so slow that even thumbnails take 10+ minutes to load. Tried uninstalling and re-installing BD, but that does nothing. As soon as the build update is applied and the system…
  • I had the same problem, rebuilt all the software on my PC, and discovered the problem was with BitDefender. I had my Antivirus On-Access level set to "Aggressive". After setting that level back to "Normal" and restarting my PC, the problem went away. I have already submitted a trouble report to BitDefender. Please try…