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  • Hi @d777 See if this thread helps. Kind regards, Scott
  • Hi @2ManyQuestions Yes, the physical keyboard you're using in Safepay mode is secure. Safepay loads outside of your operating system so it, your operating system, will not be able to capture any of your keystrokes. The virtual keyboard is just another option, a layer of protection when in a public's harder for…
  • Hi @FredetChic As of now, there is only one password manager account, the subscription holders. The ability to have multiple Password Manager accounts is due to come out by the end of the 2nd quarter, hopefully. I'm still not sure of how many users that will include. @Alexandru_BD do we have any update regarding the…
  • Hi @spel It seems to be a bit sporadic, as I would get those messages, but it did seem to work better once I cleared Edge history and cache. But just now doing another search, with VPN on, it gave me the network setting error. There are plenty of those search results if you Google it, network setting error and something…
  • @DPH that is good news :) Thank you for posting back your results, as it's something that could possibly be helpful in future troubleshooting on the forum. 😊 Scott
  • Also @evbill your Subscription/Auto-renewal can be canceled by following the steps from this article. Scott
  • Interesting and insightful reply, Flexx. At times I wondered why you did that, posted that link so frequently :)
  • @Varigman I'm not sure what version of Bitdefender you're using, but from the AV Plus on up, all include the VPN. It should not be a surprise, as it is mentioned on the product page(s) themself. Most all AV's these days that are listed as Pro, Plus, Total, 360 etc. have some sort of "trial" version of a VPN. You can…
  • Winner for the answer, my friend..mod, please, mod?! :)
  • Just a question, when we go through the normal support options, and it asks what support we're looking for, and it has the option to tick for The Bitdefender Box, does it automatically get routed to Box support, or does the Box Support link just bypass that extra clicking to go directly to them? edit: I"m thinking the…
  • @Gjoksi thank you for that reminder for that link :)
  • Hi @Steve24 For that, I would contact support and see what they have to say. We don't get very many posts regarding the Bitdefender Box on the forum, as to be able to give you an answer from experience. Support can be reached from here. Click on the How To's and Troubleshooting box, and tick a couple of prompts to get to…
  • Hi @Wendy Brandon That would be something you need to talk directly to Support about, as we cannot do that here on the forum. Click on the Purchase and Manage Subscription tab, answer a couple of prompts, then start with Chat, as they are very responsive and can head you in the right direction quickly. Phone support is not…
  • Hi @mikebambl Since this is regarding the Enterprise line of products, @Alex_Dr or @Andra_B will need to help you, both of whom work with that line of products. They may be out for the weekend, so it may not be until Monday morning before they reach out to you. You could also try contacting business support from the link…
  • For me, it can start at 375 to even 425 MB, then it settles down to around 200 MB. Sometimes it's at 175, but mostly around 200-225 MB. Scott
  • Hi @SKIPPY JONES By how much, by approximately what percent is your speed reduced? Here is an article that may be helpful. Regards, Scott
  • Yep, and with "Baba Yaga" at it again, JW 4, we don't want to miss any of the action, at least in US theaters today. R.I.P. Lance Reddick.
  • Just to add to Alexandru's informative post above. On install, I would be sure to disable these two options as to not be a distraction with any notification for them in "what do I do now"? I would also uninstall the VPN, as that could be confusing with some of its notifications as well (or they can be disabled in the App…
  • Well done,@2Much very nice solution. Tip of the day :) My icon is fine, but all your instruction paths were right on (I'm on Windows 11, Total Security). The other option would be to create a desktop shortcut from the Program Files/seccenter, rename it and drag it into the taskbar. But I like your idea better :)
  • In that case, I suggest you follow these steps, so the engineers can dig a little deeper to hopefully see what's going on. Generate bitdefender BDsysLog: Generate bitdefender support tool logs: Generate…
  • Rob, when you say you're using Bitdefender, and comparing it to MBAM, are you using the Home version, or the Enterprise version? Regards, Scott
  • Hi @AskJay Open the device you want to install VPN on, then log into your Central account, go to the left, My Subscriptions, then on the VPN subscription, click on Install protection on a new device, then on the pop-up window, click on This device. On a Windows PC, you can also do this by opening VPN from the VPN System…
  • Hi @rslackde No, it is not your imagination, the initial System scan can be slow, but there is a workaround that can be found in this article to help speed it up. The subsequent scans will go faster, as Bitdefender will index files that have not been modified or changed. Kind regards, Scott
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  • Yes, I like that idea, too. If you wanted to, you could start a thread to ask for a test site, that ability. edit: I wonder though, how much those sites would really tell us, as in the wild, things could be different as the online threats can change from minute to minute, hour to hour. Maybe it's like testing the AV…
  • Hi @Rob_Nicholson Yes, Bitdefender will throw up a "Dangerous page blocked for your protection" notification. See the article image. As far as providing links to test that feature, it is against forum rules to post such links, but maybe you could try using one of the blocked websites from MBAM, if you still have that…
  • @gflatt I promoted you to level 2, to be able to upload any photo's that may be of help. Scott
  • Very nice job, didn't even dawn on me to do a search for that issue. 👍️ A reminder for me to consider that in the future (a search), oh wise Admin :)
  • Hi @Haigster That is something clearing your browser temps files should take care of. Follow the steps in this article for your browser. Let us know if this resolves it for you. Kind regards, Scott
  • @Alexandru_BD, do you have any follow-up thoughts or suggestions? Thank you.
  • When you start your email correspondence with them, let them know that you have that log file to submit, they will then send you an email reply in which will give you the ability to submit it. Include your posted image, too. Click the How to's and troubleshooting box, and go from there, until you get the email option. And…