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  • @Mike_BD could you delete one of incognito1214's threads as to help focus attention to one. Maybe member wasn't sure what category to place it under. Thank you :)
    in Anti-Theft Comment by Scott 10:26PM
  • Nope, I've been using Bitdefender on and off since v10 and an on and off member of this forum since 2007. I've never had any problems with them or remember any member ever having posted any issues with them in that regard. I trust them and the integrity of their employees and the security of their servers implicitly.
  • I don't mean to hijack this thread with my, but here I go again. If it scanned to let you know that Windows updates were not up to date and that your browsers were not up to date, then I would be more inclined to tick the bottom of the Scan Report, "want to fix this issue(s) fast"? I didn't see those listed…
  • I hope in my post above that when I said it seemed pretty generic, that I wasn't trying to be rude to BD and the developers, but after all of the back and forth excitement on this thread, I just thought it may do a little more than it did. If it had offered to Fix the issue, than I really would have been excited and have…
  • This was a good informational video. Nice find and post, Math_Matei.
  • I've been a baaad boy, lol 6 issues. This PC doesn't have BD security installed. It seems pretty generic, it didn't show if any Windows updates needed to be installed? More informational, user intervention needed, compared to Total Security's Vunerability Scan option to Fix issue. But, maybe that's the idea ;)
  • Hi @BDMo The scan logs can be found by going to the left side of the app panel Notifications/Information and tick the drop-down arrow to the right. Kind regards, Scott
  • There was some very good advice in the article. As I'm becoming more dependent on my smartphone, I wondered about what I would do if it was lost or stolen. Two features that I'm thankful that Bitdefender covers from that article are that my passwords are backed up due to password manager, and that I can lock or wipe my…
  • Hi @fastpitchgal13 @mrmirakhur may have some suggestions for you, or at least point you in the right direction. Kind regards, Scott
    in Search Baron Comment by Scott June 28
  • @vbfhg rh We get your frustration regarding some of the notifications etc. But please refrain from finding every thread you can to vent on, or you will be reported. Thank you, Scott
  • @DJSmiffy If you were to totally disable Anti Tracker, do web pages load faster, and does the online radio work better? Some of us, including myself, have disabled that feature and found things to work better while online. We found that to be a solution in this thread as well: It's not a problem in a sense that you're…
  • Very helpful, as I was wondering about some of those other email addresses used here on the forum. Thank you, mrmirakhur :)
  • lol..even though I had replied, as you saw @antman , I took it down to get confirmation from Chat Support themselves. I just wanted to confirm the "ticket" part of the address, as everything else looked correct. Then Gjoksi came and hit it out of the ballpark :) Thanks for including me in your gratitude, though :)
  • Hi @HC The version of VPN that comes with Total Security has a limit of 200 MB of daily traffic. It also only connects to the closest, optimal server without your choice to connect to multiple servers worldwide as with the Premium. The Premium version has unlimited VPN traffic. What you're using is like an introduction, a…
  • You're welcome, it was gladly done.
  • @JanetB I have not run across the situation you are experiencing. Maybe another member here has and will reply. Since you do have the option to install VPN, you would not, may not need to reinstall BD. If you can wait until tomorrow one of the Bitdefender Admins @Mike_BD, will be back on the job and may be able to help and…
  • Hi @JanetB Try re-enabling VPN by going to your main BD dashboard and from the Quick actions panel, select VPN. It should load back up from there. You can also open the Privacy panel and click on VPN/Open VPN from there. You can add VPN to the Quick actions panel by highlighting the right corner of a panel to load the…
  • Hi @Waka Kotahi No it is not, as Password Manage is a stand alone app, while Wallet is an embedded feature of the BD desktop app. and is tied into Safepay. As of now, there are no plans of that changing anytime soon as far as those who don't want to upgrade to PM, but would still have the availability of Wallet which would…
  • Hi @sublimereality No it does not. As of now, Bitdefender VPN is supported on Windows, Android, Mac and iOS. It is being considered for Linux, but a definitive release date has not been set. Kind regards, Scott
  • Hi @mathilde This is a known issue and is being addressed by the developers. Even though it's not recommended, if you're using Windows version of Bitdefender, try disabling encrypted web scan by going to the left side panel of the main UI, Protection/Online Threat Prevention/Settings and disable Encrypted web scan and see…
    in pop-ups Comment by Scott June 26
  • Hi @jfjfjf Welcome to the forum. Please see if these threads help. Kindly also see. If you have any other questions regarding MBAM, please post those questions on their forum, as we try to keep this a support forum for Bitdefender products. Kind regards, Scott
    in MBAM + BD? Comment by Scott June 26
  • Hi @aaabbbccc111 Yes, it is a part of Bitdefender, so no worries there. It is not a virus. I don't know exactly what it does, other than what the name may imply? From my Total Security Program file location.
  • Hi arcturus, The announcement for the Safari extension can be found at the top of this, Password Manager sub forum. At times it can also be seen on the Home page. Kind regards, Scott
  • @Gjoksi well, I just had drinks and dinner with Alexandru and Mike last night, and they gave me a secret under the table new release of Bitdefender on a flash drive. So here's where I'm at 😊😊
  • Thanks for posting back. Yes, I agree, just leave it alone. If it's now not broken, don't try to fix it 😊😊
    in Comment by Scott June 23
  • And when I logged onto the website previously, my Anti-tracker was disabled, so it didn't cause any problem viewing the webpage.
    in Comment by Scott June 23
  • That's exactly what it was. I cleared Chrome's cache etc., enabled Anti-tracker, and got the same unavailable screen. I disabled Anti-tracker, and no problem in viewing the webpage.
    in Comment by Scott June 23
  • That's good news, @mikey120957 Would you share which extension you didn't reinstall, BD Anti-tracker? It may help us in the future to troubleshoot for others on the forum. Thanks 😊
    in Comment by Scott June 23
  • Hi @ricochet That's why myself and some of the other members here will suggest turning off auto renewal and consider that when time comes for renewing a subscription, Bitdefender will offer a better deal. I believe the thought behind auto renewal is a set it and forget it security that you will be covered. That you don't…
    in AUTO RENEWAL Comment by Scott June 23