Step 1 - clean-up of all spam posts & accounts.
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  • Hi @XLADLK , If you have free slots on your subscription, everything should work smoothly. Is there any chance that you don't actually have a subscription that covers all platforms, but one that's simply dedicated for Windows devices? Bitdefender Total Security, Bitdefender Family Pack or Bitdefender Premium Security…
  • Hi @123pete, Depending on the TV type, it's possible that you can find the Bitdefender Mobile Security app in the store, but it wouldn't be able to provide full functionality since a TV does not 'behave' like a phone in many ways. The only solution that would provide proper protection for non-traditional devices such as…
    en smart tv Comentario por Adriana_S diciembre 2020
  • Hi @Gauthey, The virustotal topic is completely unrelated to any security widget. Let's try to discuss on point. As previously mentioned, we did supply Google with everything that was requested and the engine publication was, from that point, out of our control. @Flexx our Android engine is now available:…
  • Hi @Awis and @Uze_DaFarce, The vendor information is available for any device you select in Bitdefender Central and it refers to information regarding the manufacturer of the device itself, unrelated to the subscription or activation key. The only one who can see the information available in Bitdefender Central and manage…
  • Hi @RomanC and @jgroep , Not receiving a validation e-mail to confirm you are the owner of the account you are trying to monitor for data breaches doesn't mean it's been compromised. Please make sure you're looking through the Spam/Junk folders as well as they can somehow get routed there as well. If you still can't find…
  • Hi @Hoss1310 , You can contact the support from the Windows app and select the Purchase & Orders category and drop a question. I'm pretty sure the commercial team will find a solution :)
  • Hi @kmdavisjr , Thank you for the suggestion. It's indeed a very good idea to better highlight the access to Bitdefender Central from the endpoint UI and we'll start looking for a clear and simple method of doing this 👍️
  • Hi @Shadowraven , Just dropping by to let you know that we've recently added support for Brave :) Stay safe online!
  • Hi @Richo , The issue is indeed caused by a system optimization mechanism that removes the permission required by Web Protection. Solving it can be different depending on the device - you can either look for battery optimization and exclude the Bitdefender Mobile Security app or look for some rules that can be handled at…