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  • Georgia has already posted that there will be no off-line installer. Say what? Who exactly thought that was a good idea? Oh wait, they don't care, it's just some marketing and finance people calling shots.
  • Bitdefender's job is to give the user the control This. Just this. Should be, at least. (As for the Win 7 telemetry "updates" and the Win 10 upgrade crap, so far they've generally been optional updates, and I check those first and avoided all of them. Worse issue seem to be the "important" updates to Windows Update, which…
  • In this case, I guess it's the time of the year when I'll need to bring my suggestions list for the past few years up again. For the first time made good on my threats since BD 2012 and haven't used BD this year (well, a quick trial of 2015, but that was it), for the first time since 2004. Stand by the statement that BD…
  • Just noticed the same issue now. Not using 2015. Then again, that is rather a pointless resource hog if HTTP scanning works (and I had that on, always did), but it makes me wonder whether other things stopped working silently as well now.
  • In short, no you can't. I'm also still at 2011 for the same reason. If you tried 2012/2013/2014, 2015 is worse. Not that I tried it myself, didn't try 2014 either, saw quite clearly where it was all going, but 2015 has even less ways to control or monitor anything, such as not even the (unwieldy, too strict for most normal…
  • Thanks for the reply.
  • Au fost aproape 12 milioane la un moment dat, si acum sunt sub 7. S-a zis cand a inceput "operatiunea" ca optimizeaza baza de date de semnaturi, reduc variantele cat mai mult daca-s suficiente parti comune ca sa mearga o singura definitie pt. mai multe. Acum daca-i doar asta, singurul inconvenient ar fi ca nu va mai…
  • This sure is dropping fast... 6976635. Down some 90k in the past 24h I think, and 67277 over the last 9h, actually tracked this exactly. Either the database had been outragerously bloated for years and they didn't care (peak was some 11.8 million I think?) or they're just moving all stuff to cloud and good luck even with…
  • Well, the value install&forget stuff has for me is precisely zero if it's anything important.
  • IDK whats the problem with Bitdefender....they just removed PARANOID MODE, NETWORK ACTIVITY & BANDWIDTH MONITOR from 2015 versions....however on users request they'll implement paranoid mode but not the other two. Im suspicious about it too....Georgia mentioned its for their technical purpose only LOL Fits their long-term…