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  • Ok, this is weird. Thought to test without uninstalling first and went to safe mode, opened regedit, worked, loaded bdagent.exe, seemed to load fine, tried starting MBAM (free version, no active protection, so doesn't step on BD's toes, just installed it when I actually got a virus once to have another confirmation that it…
  • From IS 2010 to IS 2011 (after that faulty update I see a notice about on the site froze my computer, so had to uninstall it in safe mode to be able to boot normally again, so took the opportunity to upgrade). And the error is this (attached - @razz: assume you mean the same thing?), though I assume that part of the…
  • I may have the same problem on Vista Home Premium SP2 32-bit and Internet Security 2011. Didn't know what was causing it at first, for the past few hours have been assuming it was caused by the .NET security updates released a few days ago, but there was also a BD program update I installed around the same time so either…
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