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  • I have lost count of the number of people now that have said "Having same problems - please send instructions, please send me an email" etc. For heaven's sake - if there were any instructions that WORKED, don't you think they would just post them on the thread? If you look back through the thread there are details/links to…
  • Well, no more BD for me unfortunately. I have now uninstalled it - I refuse to pay thirty British pounds for something so buggy and am now happily running Zone Alarm free firewall and have various antiviruses/antispywares: Malwarebytes' Anti Malware, Super Anti-Spyware, Spybot Search And Destroy - etc. Who needs to pay £30…
  • I have the same problem too. I have tried the suggested KB workaround using the two patches twice now and the firewall still does not work. Any proper solution please as if I can't get it working I will not purchase the product (using a trial version at the moment). Nick That's because the patches are bullsh!t my friend. I…
  • 2009 was my first BD product and I had no problems with it. Consider yourself lucky that you got to have the trial. I had a trial period for 2009. When I downloaded the 2010 trial, it said it had expired (so I guess BD only lets you give a trial run for one BD product, not on a new product). Fortunate for them, since I…
  • Thanks for the friendly and helpful support I got when I posted my earlier issue. I hope BD manages to improve. Maybe you can work on BD2011 being bug free before releasing it. How about testing it until 2011 instead of rushing to release it? Just an idea. Too radical perhaps?
  • Well, after researching other threads I have found the patch, and it seems to have worked. Wonder how many days until the next bug strikes? I have 6 days left of the evaluation period. Needless to say I'm now looking at alternatives.
  • Sorry, I just noticed the link to the patch. The patch seems to have worked for me... for now.
  • Try this. Right click any random small file (e.g. a text file) and select "Scan with BitDefender" (should only take a couple of seconds). Then look to see if BD Firewall has started working. This works for me. Hardly a definitive solution, but better than nothing. Hope this helps some people. Also could someone who has had…
  • Yep, me too. Firewall fails to work half the time when I start my PC. Although, if I then scan any file with BD2010, the firewall suddenly starts working again. See my own post about this.
  • Well, the same thing has happened again tonight. I got the message about Bit Defender services being unavailable and advised to restart, and to contact support if the problem persists. Again, in order to rectify this I did a simple BitDefender scan of a random text file, and the firewall started working again. This really…
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