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  • Hello, By default if the Adapter is set as Home/Office the product will allow local subnet connections. Please follow the steps in this article
  • Salutare, Changelog-ul pentru ultima versiune se poate gasi aici : /index.php?/topic/78039-latest-changelog/&do=embed" style="overflow: hidden; height: 208px; max-width: 502px;">
  • Hello, /index.php?/profile/39675-rampant/&do=hovercard" data-mentionid="39675" href="<___base_url___>/index.php?/profile/39675-rampant/" style="" rel="">@Rampant I just posted the latest changelog Also please note that the changelog will be posted when available in the usual place.
  • Hello, Your office network must be heavily restricted. Since it works on your home network and not the office network. I would advise contacting your IT team and remove the restrictions and see if the issue persists.
  • Hello, The forum is no place for commercial requests. Please contact our support team via [email protected]
  • Hello, You will be fine activating the product online and afterwards using the offline updates to keep the product updated. Note that the installation needs to be done online.
  • Hello, Do you receive a error that the product has not updated? If yes what error code? What windows version are you running on that machine? How is your device connected to the internet ? Wi-Fi / Cable ?
  • Hello, This situation has been addressed in the latest build : Please ensure that you reboot the machine after updating for the changes to take effect.
  • Hello, The issue has been resolved in the latest build Please note that the update requires a reboot to take effect.
  • Hello, The issue should no longer persist in build : Please note the update requires a reboot to take effect.
  • Hello, The issue has been resolved in the latest build : Please note that the update requires a reboot to take effect.
  • Hello, This issue has been resolved in the latest build Please note that the update requires a reboot to take effect.
  • Hello, Most likely you merged different type of keys that may have not contained the MobileSecurity/AV for MAC. I would suggest contacting our support team via [email protected] and provide them with your Central account email they will be able to see more and provide more info.
  • Hello, No, however I see no security gain. While the machine may not be protected running only the installer and nothing else will make no difference if its connected to the internet or not. (security wise) Keep in mind the installer itself has its own protection measures as well as the installation scan.
  • Hello, Under Windows 10 the product uses the Windows Recovery Environment which in turn is dependent on the Recovery Partition. Have you upgraded that laptop from a previous version of Windows to Windows 10 ?
  • Hello, Can you please provide more details on the situation. What operating system are you running on your machine ? Is your device a laptop or desktop ? Are you able to provide me with a picture of that screen ?
  • Hello, No, the product needs a stable internet connection to deploy on your device.
  • Hello, May be that you had an infection on that machine. I would suggest opening a command prompt (CMD) and using SFC /scannow Since you are running Windows XP keep your installation CD/DVD handy as it will ask for it in order to replace corrupted files.
  • Hello, Please ensure that you use your Central account opposed to the old Bitdefender Free that used the
  • Hello, We are currently working on resolving this issue. For the time being the easiest workaround is to install C runtime 2015 for both 32 and 64 bits. If its currently present on the machine please uninstall it and reinstall from the link below : Afterwards…
  • Hello, Firstly avoid using 3rd party uninstallers on any anti-virus product. You may find yourself with leftover drivers that can cause all sorts of issues. Use the manufacturer's uninstall tool, you can find Bitdefender's here As for the thread at hand please install the Microsoft C…
  • Hello, There are several warnings and visual warnings that the subscription is about to expire, as well as when it expires. Windows Defender should detect that the product is inactive and give a warning and a prompt to activate it.
  • Salutare, Te rog sa contactezi echipa noastra de support folosind [email protected] si sa le oferi adresa de email folosita in a crea contul Central si cheia introdusa in cont.
  • Hello, Depending on how you setup your Wallet it will ask you for your password at login or when you open a browser/app. Most likely you have it set to ask for your password at login and was delayed due to other applications starting up.
  • Hello, Please let me know what build of Bitdefender are you currently running on that machine.
  • Hello, Please contact our support team via [email protected] with the logs from the Bitdefender Support Tool and the URLs of the credit card sites you tried to access.
    en Safepay. Comentario por Sorin G. diciembre 2017
  • Hello, The steps you read are for specific plugins. The steps you needed to follow are at the beginning. Bitdefender Safepay™ behavior Choose what will happen when you access an online shop or Internet banking site in your regular web browser: Automatically open websites in Safepay. Recommend me to use Safepay. Do not…
  • Hello, Seems that the detection was removed on the 13th of October when you initially sent the file to us. Most likely the game suffered changes as a result it is being once again detected. Please contact our support team via [email protected] with the sample files encased into an archive with a password.…
  • Hello, Please try adding the Google DNS to your network adapter and let me know if the issue still persists.
  • Hello, If you added exclusions as per my previous advice and the issue persist please contact our support team via [email protected] Please also provide them with step by step reproduction steps and a sample of the detected files. Please ensure the samples are under an archive with a password.…