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  • I just like to say I'm glad to see the return of the widget. Happy days! Now...if Bitdefender can we get rid of the "We've got your back" annoying notification message that pops up & doesn't disappear until you click on the x to close it I'd be happy as a pig in...totally agree with the spamming too! Apparently the…
  • I've found the easiest way to install or reinstall (as I just did) Bitdefender Wallet for Mozilla Firefox or Chrome (not I.E.) is to open up Bitdefender Total Security / Privacy / Password Manager / Settings & install/reinstall Bitdefender Wallet extension from there. Saves having to search extension stores for it or…
  • @hitechms I just did a search for Bitdefender Wallet on Edge & I can't work out how you could of installed it for Microsoft Edge Browser. As far as I can tell, you can install it for Firefox, Chrome & Internet Explorer, but not Edge. I'd like to see a screenshot of it working in Edge. Here's some screenshots of search…
  • I've got Windows 10 20H2 installed on my desktop & experiencing the same issue with Adobe Flash Player for I.E. update required according to Bitdefender. Talking about catalogues, I've put it down in my catalogue of Bitdefender issues I've got going. Looking forward to getting that removed. And...while your at it, please…
  • I noticed that Bitdefender have got rid of the widget, which was useful & could be turned off, but kept the annoying work profile notification that is useless & can't be turned off unless you disable Automatic Work Profiles. Good move Bitdefender....NOT! 🤬
  • This is what I get when I click on the petition link. Looks like French to me. And when I went to add my phone number there was no option for Australia. Plus I got 2 emails re: signing the petition which are both in French as well. Not that it really matters, I've signed it so all good.
  • Yep, bring back the widget and get rid of the annoying "we've got your back" work profile notification! Why get rid of something that was helpful, but keep something that is a PITA?
  • Yeah, tried to fill out the petition, but I have to say, bit rude leaving Australia off the phone list, so no $ from me, not like I'd pay to get something removed that I didn't want in the first place. I'd rather cancel my subscription & save some $ instead. Cheers.
  • Is there an English version of the petition? I wish to vote yes to bring back the widget. Any chance we can start another one to get rid of the stupid "We've got your back" notification re: work profiles? Why would Bitdefender get rid of the widget, which was actually helpful & could be turned off if wanted, but keep the…
  • @Skullomania & @dex1701 thanks for the info. I might have to check out the competition when my current subscription expires.