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  • Mike_BD: again, you are NOT reading or listening/hearing, it seems. Nobody cares how BitDefender acts on YOUR devices if it acts horribly (as evidenced by 8 pages of complaints so far, and many more on other sites...) on OUR devices. Why do you need "to try and replicate the issues marked on this thread and report them…
  • Too little, too late. You never did help, still have not in your latest reply. I have cancelled BitDefender and subscribed to WebRoot instead. WebRoot is a FAR SUPERIOR product, working always quietly in the background, with NO annoying pop-ups, ever; and consuming less RAM than BitDefender. BitDefender is terrible, as is…
  • @Mike_BD admin On December 2 YOU WROTE: Hello @TBC_Maxand99 , You can turn off most of the Bitdefender Total Security notifications. I am not sure what was that bothered you (I test it constantly on 2 machines, running Windows 10), but some quick suggestions would be: Settings -> General tab -> choose what you wish to keep…
  • Bravo @MetaControl Well stated. I complete agree. BitDefender is a joke, apparently. The "expert" replies in this thread, from the "Admins", are absurd, illogical, mis-understanding, insulting even.
  • 😡 I bought BitDefender Total Security just 3 days ago, so was unfamiliar with the software having never used it before. The reason I am here, after only 3 days, is that THE NOTIFICATIONS ARE EXTREMELY INTRUSIVE AND BOTHERSOME. A BitDefender, it is obvious that after 8 pages you have actually done NOTHING to address this…
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