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  • Not a problem for change logs, Now moved to Kaspersky Total Security ... While I too despise BD not posting Changelogs and the lack of support, I guess you haven't bothered to read the change logs of Kaspersky too! Applicable only if you have Windows 10. http://media.kaspersky.com/usa/documentati...serguide_en.pdf page…
  • As of last week, Windows 10's latest stable build is 10586, replacing 10240 and everyone that cannot defer it will be forced to "upgrade" to that. On said build, Bitdefender Total Security 2016 appears to interfere with the "/Online" parameter of the DISM command. For those that don't know of it, the command DISM /Online…
  • This Bitdefender Central is the most stupidest and dumbest idea I ever seen and who ever thought of it should be fired!!! I think Central is a brilliant idea, implemented poorly or a work in progress. Together with Machine Learning Bitdefender actually makes a great product. However, the lack of support is appalling.…
  • Problem was solved i guess, after windows sent a cumulative update today. Haven't seen the pop ups anymore
  • The "fix" they suggested has already been tried and does not work. I tried it again and it sill does not work. Is there anyone out there who used BD on multiples machines ? Do both show in Central ? hello Marc, what was the fix suggested. I had asked this question days ago, and no support personnel bothered to reply in the…
  • @urOk, check if these settings would fix the error: Bitdefender> Firewall> Adapters> Network type: Home/Office, Stealth: Off, Generic: On. If not, you can also try: Firewall> Rules> Show General Rules> Windows Explorer Traffic on HTTP: Allow I wish bitdefender found a way of allowing the tiles to work without messing up…
  • Hello mirage22, There shouldn't be a device limit for Bitdefender Family Pack in Central. Please login again to Central now, the information should be corrected by now. Thank you. That shows solved. However, not all devices are showing up in Central. For example the one that I am typing this post from is not showing up in…
  • I think that this is not a solution but a temporary solution, because Bitdefender 2015 does not block live tiles, even if "Windows Explorer trafic on HTTP" is Deny. If this rule is the default in Firewall, I think that there should be no such conflicts with live tiles in Start menu BD 2015 v19 isn't fully compatible with…
  • You have to configure the VPN in Windows; Bitdefender has nothing to do with it. It had everything to do with the firewall. The VPN has no control of the computer when it is not running. i want Windows to stop all connections when it detects its not within an authorised network (specifically the VPN). Secondly, you are…
  • Georgia / Tech support team... this should be a simple firewall rule for you guys!

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