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  • For benefit of forum readers and adminstrator, here is an update. I came across the following different forum post in which Alex, the responding forum administrator, provides a link to download the 64-bit version of BitDefender Total Security 2010 installation program. Forum post in which moderator provides link to…
  • Hello Steven_of_CA, It seems that this error message occurs because the operating system that you are using is on 64 bits and the executable files from our article can only be used for the 32 bits operating system. Thank you for reporting this sittuation and we are sorry for any inconveniences that we may caused you. We…
  • Hello all, In order to be able to reinstall the BitDefender Firewall, we recommend you to follow the steps from the next article: . Thank you . Hello, for the awareness of other users and (hopefully) Bit Defender, I provide a few details about my unsuccessful attempt at completing the "fix"…
  • I report another experience of the order confirmation email (and license key) not being received, in case any aspect of my experience helps other readers some how. Over two hours ago I purchased BitDefender's Total Security program through BitDefender's website. The order was processed through Digital River's service…
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